Encouraging Opportunities: Helping Students Achieve Their Goals

GBSB Global Business School stands behind three core values, Embodying Diversity, Embracing Innovation, and Encouraging Opportunities. The last of the three, Encouraging Opportunities truly demonstrates our business school’s commitment to graduating industry leaders, promoting cultural intelligence and empathy in order to have a global perspective, able to communicate and collaborate across borders. These skills will allow our students to nurture relationships with a community of diverse individuals from countries near and far, further expanding their professional opportunities across the globe.

From Barcelona and Madrid, there is no length to how far our students can go. Our faculty, coming from over 20 nations worldwide help promote this international, cross-border exchange, introducing our students to a wide range of individuals with various backgrounds, further nurturing student growth and their ability to procure job employment in their field of specialization.

“GBSB Global Business School is a place where students can grow both professionally and personally, acquire new knowledge and skills, develop their network, and advance their cultural and emotional intelligence. Studying at GBSB Global is a life changing experience. Our students gain a global perspective on the world, full of new career and business opportunities. GBSB Global motivates, inspiring students to reach for new horizons, inspires imagination without limits, and assures that each and every student achieves their full potential as a successful, future business leader.”

Students can take advantage of the wide range of career development resources GBSB Global Business School provides from specialized professional workshops to corporate presentations on campus and career evaluation services. GBSB Global also helps assist students in their search for internship opportunities and professional job employment offers through an online directory. It is a collaboration between the student and the GBSB Global Academics Department.

International employment markets are highly competitive. Students dedicated to reaching their goals need to be devoted, committed to their academic performance, seek to stand out in their intellectual achievements and become competent and proficient in a number of key capacities and skills that will provide the framework for their future success. The Careers Services at GBSB Global Business School are committed to helping students acquire these skills.

GBSB Global Business School works with several industry partners to help students develop the necessary skills in order to find, to apply for and finally to procure the right job employment position not only in Spain, but internationally as a part of the business school’s global focus.

Looking to increase your marketability and aptitude to work on an international stage? Gain the knowledge and support from GBSB Global Business School to take your career to the next level and position yourself as an industry leader in the global business market. For more information contact us here.

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