Example of Tourism and Hospitality Management Jobs in Barcelona

Are you interested in studying tourism and hospitality? If you are, you're not alone. Countless young people around the world are attracted to this field so they can be a part of one of the largest industries in the world. And what's not to like? Who wouldn't want to have a job that basically revolves around vacation, fun, and just plain making somebody's day? It sounds like a very nice degree to earn, but what exactly would you do with a Master in Tourism and Hospitality?


This is one of the key questions for students who are looking to continue their education to further prepare for their professional careers. They've got the interest and they've got the ambition, but the goal sometimes isn't quite that clear. One thing is for certain, though - if you want to study tourism and hospitality, you'll be better off in one of the tourism and hospitality capitals of the world: Barcelona.

With millions of tourists and businessmen and women travelling to this gem of Europe on the Mediterranean, Barcelona offers not only the perfect place to study tourism and hospitality, but the perfect place to put tourism and hospitality theory into practice.

In order to help you decide whether or not a Master in Tourism and Hospitality is right for you, we will outline examples of jobs in Barcelona that you can look to get with your Tourism and Hospitality degree.

Tourism and Hospitality jobs examples in Barcelona

Hotels and Resorts job examples

The most common jobs in tourism and hospitality are those directly related to hotels and resorts. Hotels are run by tourism and hospitality managers and assistant managers, who are in charge of the overall function of the hotel, guest satisfaction, and management of the business and profitability. There are also many other managers specialized in specific areas. Some examples of hotel jobs include Food and Beverage Manager, who may run everything from room service to directing the kitchen staff of an adjacent restaurant, Housekeeping Manager, Supervisor of Guest Services, and Event Manager to give your guests a reason to visit your hotel and make sure they are entertained during their stay.

A Master in Tourism and Hospitality would give you the necessary skills to get a more advanced type of job after you graduate instead of working an entry-level position like concierge, front desk, waiter, or room service. And with over 2,000 hotels within the Barcelona city limits, there is plenty of need for new talent.

Travel Guide job examples

While hotels offer the opportunity to manage a visitor's home stay, let's not forget that they are travelling for a reason. Tourist attractions provide many positions for tourism and hospitality professionals, whether it be a Facility Manager for the Palau Sant Jordi arena, a Personnel Coordinator at the Port Aventura theme park, or the chance to manage one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Catalan capital.

Barcelona is full of exciting things to see and do, which make it the 4th most popular destination in Europe, trailing London, Paris, and Rome. And with more than 7 million visitors each year, the demand for employment at tourist attractions continues to grow.

Airport job examples

Other example of jobs in tourism and hospitality include those related to travel. Airports are mini-cities by themselves, needing incredible amounts of man-hours in order to run properly, efficiently, and safely. Within each airport are various airlines, each with its own unique desire to make its customers happy. Directors of cargo, maintenance, customer service, and route planning all have vital roles that can make or break a traveller's trip.

Cruise ships job examples

Cruise ships are also a great opportunity for many different types of fun jobs like Cruise Host, in charge of making sure everybody is having a great time, Boutique Manager, Event and Program Director, and the directors of the many leisure activities that you can find on a Cruiseliner. And how else would tourists book these getaways without travel agents or online travel search engines like eDreams, headquartered in Barcelona.

Tourism and Hospitality jobs conclusions

All in all, there are actually a multitude of jobs in Europe available to tourism and hospitality professionals. These are only a few of the most common examples of jobs, but within the entire industry, you can include the backoffice positions (accounting, sales, marketing, administration, etc.) of all of the industries within the category of tourism and hospitality:

  • Spas
  • Restaurants
  • Casinos
  • Lodging
  • Cruises
  • Transportation
  • Events
  • Conferences
  • and many others...

At GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona, the Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management gives students theoretical and practical knowledge in English delivered by professors with experience in these industries. Not only will you learn the required skills to excel at the higher levels of tourism and hospitality companies, but the GBSB Global Business School Barcelona Career Services is dedicated to helping you find internships or full-time jobs with the numerous prestigious companies in Barcelona.

So if you're looking for the example of jobs in Europe and around the world that will satisfy your love of tourism and hospitality and your career ambition, come spend a year in Barcelona, Europe's personal Mediterranean resort and spa, and get a Master in Tourism and Hospitality that can change your life.

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