Dream about Summer with the Top 10 Things to Do in Madrid

Summer is a time to relax and spend time in the sun, lounge by the pool and spend time with friends – sounds like heaven. However, what if you could do all that plus be productive, visit new places and excel professionally?

Madrid is the perfect place to do just that, and here's why:


Whether it's in a public pool, lake or a glamourous rooftop pool, there are options for all budgets and styles to cool off in the hot summer months.


Speaking of rooftops, Madrid is well known for its stylish rooftop bars, imagine watching the sunset with a delicious cocktail in your hand. What an amazing way to unwind after a long day.


Verbenas are the traditional summer parties of Madrid! Local shops and restaurants bring their products and goods to the streets. Locals dress in colorful traditional clothing and there is live music everywhere! There also many outdoor concerts and music festivals during summer like, Mulafest, Mad Cool and Madrid International Jazz Festival to name a few.


The Prado and Reina Sofía museums are two of the world’s most renowned museums you can enjoy free access at various hours throughout the week. The permanent exhibitions are impressive, and the temporary ones are always changing, making living in the capital even more exciting. Other great museums in the city include: The Romanticismo Museum and El Museo del Traje (the costume museum).


Spain is famous for its food, it's as simple as that. Spaniards take pride in their culinary culture and the Mediterranean diet which they follow, and you will not be disappointed. If you are a “foodie”, that is reason enough to come to Madrid for the summer. There is also a rich wine culture to try, with popular drinks like Sangria and Tinto de Verano.


The weather is phenomenal in Madrid in the summer, so if you are looking to escape grey and rainy days, Madrid is the place to be. With nice weather, it will give you more options and outdoor activities to experience during your summer holidays.


Madrid is very fashionable and trendy, so you will find it hard to resist going shopping as there are so many options for everyone’s taste. There are all the lovely little boutiques hidden away on the backstreets across the city and the main streets such as Goya, Velazquez, and Ortega y Gasset which are the chic streets with a mixture of high-street brands and luxury brands. If you’re looking for more original quirky boutiques, then go to Fuencarral street and the district of Chueca.


Madrid is a city full of parks. If you need a place to relax in the shade, you can head to the Retiro Park, Madrid’s most famous and central park. If you want to make a day of it, have a picnic at Casa de Campo, which is an enormous green space on the outskirts of the city. Expect to see beautiful views of Madrid from the park; you should be able to see the palace and the cathedral.


Madrid is an active city, feel free to participate in common activities like biking around the city, and playing soccer in its grand parks. You can also go on day trips and hiking excursions just outside the city.


Walking through Madrid is an incredible way to view the city’s stunning architecture. Start in the Puerta del Sol, then head over to the picturesque Plaza Mayor, which has 237 balconies facing the center of the square. Then wander down past Plaza de La Villa and Casa Sefard to admire the stunning Almudena Cathedral and one of the largest Royal Palace’s in Europe, the Palacio Real. Stroll past the Opera House and then end up in the Plaza de Cibeles, admiring the gorgeous Neoclassical city hall, Palacio de Cibeles. If you enjoy sightseeing, it is great way to fill your eyes with beautiful landmarks and buildings.

In conclusion, there is no shortage of things to do in summer in Madrid, no matter your preference. So, combine your vacation with studying at GBSB Global Business School and level up your competences in our Digital Summer School Program!

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