GBSB Alumni Story: Jana Dell

Meet our Alumni of the Week – Jana Dell, Master in Communication and Future Marketing. Born in Russia, Jana grew up in Germany and earned her Bachelor’s degree in the Netherlands. Studying abroad was nothing new. Jana fell in love with Barcelona at first sight, and transitioning to the city was easy. After earning her degree at GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona, Jana is ready to launch her career in her adopted city, a metropolis of opportunity for this recent grad.

Barcelona was a great fit from day one. Jana Dell, Master in Communication and Future Marketing, GBSB alumni, recalled her first impressions of the city during an interview in the Edison Study Lab on campus.

A super international city with a vibrant Mediterranean lifestyle, Jana adores the fact that the day starts when it ends in Germany. After taking evening courses at GBSB Global Business School Barcelona, Jana would often meet up with friends for tapas and sangrias or go for a walk on any one of the city’s pedestrian promenades or “ramblas.” When citizens from Northern European countries are packing it in and snuggling into their beds at night, Barcelona residents are heading out to restaurants, bars and cafes to wine and dine. There is an energy about the city and its people that other cities cannot compare.

What made GBSB a great place to study?

The small class sizes and personalized approach was one of the many aspects Jana liked about attending GBSB Global Business School.  With 15-20 students or less in each class, students are able to get a lot more out of their education. This learning environment promotes student interaction. Jana is still really close with her classmates. Even though many have since moved back to their home countries, she anticipates that the relationships they fostered at GBSB will last her lifetime.

Professors were also accessible. With an international faculty, Jana felt her studies were enriched by that fact that professors came from the field with practical insight and wisdom in their designated industries. This is invaluable when compared to state sponsored schools. Jana noted, “You can feel the difference in the way teachers approach a topic and present the material. We received more than just theory from a textbook, but a greater understanding of what to expect in real life.” 

Jana was very proactive in her education, and it was very important to her to embrace the entire experience. Taking courses in the evening allowed her the time to take advantage of various internship opportunities. She says this has made a huge difference, fully preparing her for the job market after graduation.

Not ready to say goodbye just yet to Barcelona, Jana plans to stay in Spain for another two or three years in order to get further professional experience and polish up her Spanish language competency.

What insights can Jana share with current and prospective students?

“You don’t need to have exact instructions. GBSB Global Business School gave us freedom to create and design assignments to fit our interests within a certain framework.” Taking advantage of the innovative classroom is a major plus. If you have the chance to take an active role in your learning, jump on it. Participating in an internship was a win-win. Studying and working in the industry gives you the advantage among your peers.

Jana’s greatest takeaway was this, “always believe in yourself.” It may sound like such simple advice, something your mother would tell you when you head off to school, but it is so pertinent. You are your biggest advocate. Your success is a reflection of your will to follow your dreams and ability to make them come to fruition.

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