Study Masters abroad in Barcelona

The location of GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona provides excellent cultural opportunities for international students who wish to study abroad in Spain and Europe.

Located on the Mediterranean Sea and offering a vibrant cosmopolitan atmosphere, Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, a unique region in Spain. Known for its cultural and artistic heritage, Catalonia’s contribution to art includes the famous architect Gaudi and painters Salvador Dalí and Juan Miró.

The cultural pace of Barcelona is one of the most striking aspects of the city. Each week there are countless fairs, expositions, exhibitions, performances and artistic events in Barcelona from which to choose. Add to this an amazing diversity of restaurants and cafes and beautiful beaches, and you will not be surprised why Barcelona is a major tourist center in Europe and an increasingly active port of call for cruise ships. Study Abroad in Spain. Park Guell.

Not only a cultural centre, but also reputably a fashion, business, and innovation and technology capital is what sets Barcelona apart from the rest of Spain. Barcelona is a world-recognized model for blending art, urban planning and industry; the city combines a rich mixture of high-tech industries, medical centers and institutions of higher learning. A major attraction is also the city’s Mediterranean cuisine. These are mere reasons why Barcelona is a perfect place to study abroad in Spain. The history and attitudes of locals make you feel right at home when you are here.

Barcelona is a city full of tree-lined boulevards, open spaces, and architectural diversity. Barcelona has preserved numerous historic places almost intact and combined them with the very modern. Since the 1992 Summer Olympics were hosted in Barcelona, a number of new structures have emerged, with some areas within the city added by extending the land toward the sea.

A Unique Geographical Location

Bounded by the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees Mountains, Barcelona offers contrasting sights and experiences throughout the year and within short distances. With Costa Brava to the north and the Costa Dorada to the south, beautiful beaches surround this port city. Barcelona is close to Southern France and a ski resort Andorra, and also to the Balearic Islands (including its most famous island, Ibiza). In addition, when you study abroad in Europe it is easy to travel. With an incredible network of trains, buses, and inexpensive flight options, you will be able to easily travel throughout Europe during your time abroad. Each year GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona organizes several trips for students in order to explore the ancient Roman towns nearby or enjoy a weekend skiing in Andorra.

Study abroad in Europe. Barceloneta Beach.When you study at GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona you take classes in English and study for such programs as Bachelor of Business Administration, MBA, Master in Finance, Master in International Business Management, Master in Marketing, Master in Entrepreneurship, and Master in Operations Management. At the same time you immerse yourself in a completely new language and culture outside the school while you study abroad in Spain. All programs at GBSB Global Business School offer studies in English but you can begin or improve your Spanish language skills by choosing Spanish language as part of your degree studies at our business school in Barcelona.

Choosing to study abroad in Europe brings with it many advantages. Spain is the glorious country which boasts some of the most interesting people on the planet, superb cuisine, and many traditions that have stood the test of time. GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona is the perfect choice for any student looking to expand their world view and get the taste of the Spanish way of life while studying in English at an international university in Barcelona.

Make Your Dreams Come True

Ever dreamed of strolling the ancient streets of Barcelona, studying next to the sea, learning to dance flamenco, or mastering a language? Study abroad in Spain! It is time to make all those dreams a reality.

Thousands of students call Barcelona home and now it is your time to be one of them and call Barcelona your home away from home while you explore all that it has to offer.