What is the Difference between a Master’s and an MBA?

Congratulations! You have graduated with your undergraduate degree and now you are wondering what’s next? Continuing your studies is a good investment in your future. Pursuing a post-secondary education can reap many benefits from increased earning potential to a more senior title and responsibility, taking time to earn a Master’s or an MBA is well worth it. But now that you are on the cusp of making your next move, you want to make sure it is in the right direction and that requires a bit of research. For example, you may wonder what the difference is between a Master’s degree and an MBA is, and that is what we will debunk in this article. Here at GBSB Global Business School, we want to help you make the best decision possible and that requires being properly informed about your options.

What is the difference? MA vs MBA

Today’s climate in the job market is difficult if not cut-throat. Undergraduate students often seek out higher education to get a competitive edge over their peers. Even professionals who have several years of work experience will often attend graduate school in order to compete with other job-seekers or increase their skills for a current position. Both master's and MBA degree programs offer attractive options to get ahead and be viable for more senior ranking positions and the benefits that go along with that status.

The MBA program is a specific type of master's degree which focuses inherently on business skills. Unlike most MBA programs, dedicated master's degree programs don't require years of work experience. Master's degree programs do often require students to have earned an undergraduate degree within the same area of study for admission, while a student pursuing an MBA may complete their undergraduate studies in a major other than business.

Master's-level programs may include programs in finance, entrepreneurship, engineering, education, hospitality and tourism and even fashion. While a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is a kind of master's degree program that focuses on refining overarching management competencies with an emphasis on business skills, such as leadership, accounting, negotiations or employee relations.

While an MBA requires no experience previously in business, it is an intensive course of study that is sometimes regarded as a more prominent master. The MBA offered at GBSB Global Business School is a transformational program that encourages students to grow both personally and professionally. It is one of the front running MBA programs in Spain and intends on changing the very core of business education, preparing students to be responsible, innovative and global business leaders ready to meet the challenges facing the world today.

A master's degree in a related topic are typically pursued after completion of an undergraduate degree in a similar field and can serve as a stepping stone to further the student's career and professional goals. At GBSB Global, we offer various courses of master degree study.

Types of Master Degree Study Include:

These are specific degree programs geared toward the subject. While business may play a role within the general framework, this course of study will take an in-depth look into the topic at hand and prepare students to be proficient in this specific field.

Reasons to Get a Masters

Often students apply for a master's degree program to jumpstart a new career in a chosen professional field. Their motivation may also be to get a foundational education that will prepare them for graduate study at the doctoral level. And some just want to increase their knowledge of fields associated to their existing areas of professional specialization.

Other reasons to get a master’s degree include:

  1. Investing in your future self
  2. Standing out in today’s competitive job market
  3. Building a network
  4. Gaining a more comprehensive education
  5. Increasing financial prospects
  6. Earning academic recognition
  7. Ascertaining the ability to work with the best
  8. Pursuing a more globalized perspective

No matter what type of master’s you pursue, whether that be an MA vs an MBA, one thing is for sure, you will be far more marketable in a world that is looking for highly trained, qualified individuals. Graduating from GBSB Global Business School will give you the ability to go far, be successful, and make an impact on your field of interest.

Learn more about our programs by visiting our website or contacting one of our Admissions Representatives today. Get ready to for the next stage of your life; it is going to be exciting and rewarding!

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