Video is Essential in the Dynamic World of Marketing

Ask yourself, in today’s fast-paced, busting world of go-go-go, are you more opt to watch a video or read an article? A major consensus would elect for the quick, easy-viewing of a video to obtain the information or entertainment being presented.

Video is a critical element to incorporate into any business’s marketing mix

Video has taken the lead as a rising star in the media and marketing, thanks to social integration and investments made by internet tycoons. If it hasn’t already become part of your company’s marketing plan, it should be. All major companies are shifting to video to connect with consumers, engage with them and convert them into paying customers. Syndacast reported in 2017 that 74 percent of Internet traffic will be video.i

Studies also show that typing the word "Video" in the topic of an email will increase the open rate by 19 percent, click-through rates by 65 percent and reduce unsubscribers by 26 percent. Photos and videos, according to Twitter, get the most reposts.ii

What has contributed to the popularity of video?

1. Facebook Has Enhanced its Video Strategy

In 2016, Facebook publicized its video viewership doubled from 4 billion views per day to 8 billion views per day within a seven-month period. This only brings to light the capacity video has to deliver returns in advertising dollars, which should perk the ear of business owners that are considering this form of media.

2. SEO

Videos, just like articles have a direct impact on search results. Search engine algorithms factor in rich media which take into account video. It is a public fact that Google owns You Tube, which contributes to the increase in popularity. Google continually works on adjusting its algorithms to best suit the audience and deliver a constructive, user-friendly experience.

3. Easy to Digest

The digital world is bogged down by an immense amount of information. Individuals digest more information daily than their predecessors could ever imagine. People are bombarded with information all day long, so much that they will never be able to process it all. For this reason, videos have become the ‘go-to’ information source.

4. Viral Potential

With the power of social media, video media, executed well has the likelihood of being shared and re-shared more often than any other form of content. Video is the tool for conveying branding, authority, products, and services with the greatest potential of reach.

Videos power traffic and engagement, they convey information more efficiently than any other form of content, and encourage trust and loyalty in a brand. There is a high possibility for a significant return on investment. Whichever stage of the marketing customer funnel your business is targeting, video will help. Videos serve many purposes from educating, entertaining and inspiring to increasing brand awareness. Animoto’s research reported 96 percent of consumers gravitate to video to gain information, helping them to make better quality decisions, especially for online purchases.iii

Taking the step in the right direction, video has become a critical component to incorporate into any company’s marketing mix. Keep these considerations in mind when crafting your own video, defining the intent and purpose of the footage.

  • Audience | Who are you trying to reach, and what is the purpose of the content? Make sure the topic is relevant to what your consumer is expecting, otherwise the video may be an entire waste of time.
  • Social Media | Verify the company is present on a range of platforms and use these channels to increase your reach. Make it easy for your potential customer to find the video and share it to their networks.
  • Mobile Technology | Don’t underestimate the fact that everyone is on the move. Ooyala claimed a tenth of all video traffic happens on mobiles and tablets. These devices are with us 24/7. They occupy an all too important segment, with smart phones holding more than 41 percent of the share of video consumption at the end of June 2013 than at the start of the year, imagine what the statistics are now!iv
  • Creativity | You cannot just rely on a mondane video to see a return. It takes imagination and ingenuity to create a campaign strategy that incorporates videos into the overall brand scheme.v

Mobile devices are with us 24/7 and video follows suit

CEO of Animoto, Brad Jefferson, estimates 10 million businesses will be uploading video to their business pages every month by the end of Jump on the bandwagon; video is driving marketing success into the future.

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Written by Emily Dawn Szajda, GBSB Global Content Manager

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