The Reversal Technique: Turning Your Ideas Upside Down

The ancient Chinese philosopher, Lao-Tzu, wrote, “The wise leader knows how to be creative. In order to lead, the leader learns to follow. In order to prosper, the leader learns to live simply. In both cases, it is the interaction that is creative.”

Creativity is extremely important in today's fast changing world. The combining of group lead ideas to business goals has been shown to improve the quantity and quality of ideas produced by groups during idea generation phase.

At GBSB Global Business School, the reversal technique is one of the techniques utilized in the classroom. Students and teachers share in the growth of new ideas, enhancements to creative thinking techniques as well as supportive collaborations. The specialized attention given to the individual student in each class setting allows for the exploration of the creative thought process to happen on an educational level fitting to their degree of study.

When creating dialogue or group discussions and the initial problem has run its course unsuccessfully, the best way to find creative solutions is to rephrase the question or topic. Below are a few key steps to utilizing the reversal technique.

Key steps to utilizing the reversal technique are:

  1. Clearly identify the challenge or problem. Write it down in the reverse, changing a positive statement into a negative one or by giving a negative problem a positive outcome.
  2. Brainstorm what the problem or challenge is not. Question what can cause the challenge or problem and what can be achieved from its opposite.
  3. Review the new information and determine if there is an added perspective. Are there new ideas to solve the reversed problem or challenge?
  4. Flip the results! Evaluate the solutions and determine whether or not the added perspective garners an answer to the original problem or challenge.

The order for the restructured challenge or problem has no reflection on the outcome. The key is that the essential words are reversed. The reversed problem can seem strange or even clever. The ideas that are created from this reversal technique can lead to surprisingly valid and opportunistic results.

Because there is no time limit to this technique, it can be used to encourage altering views and assumptions about a challenge or problem. Utilizing the reversal technique can lead to a change in the direction or location of your perspective. By simply looking at a problem or challenge in a reverse way can give a starkly different projection of its successes.

The leaders of tomorrow, start at GBSB Global Business School, today. They are prepared with varying degrees and perspectives to lead the way for innovative change in any establishment. By incorporating the strategies and creative thinking techniques learned while studying at GBSB Global, students are better prepared for the tough problems that may present themselves in a professional business setting.

If you are interested in learning how to expand your creative thinking techniques while furthering your career and business goals, contact a representative at GBSB Global, today.

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