Make the Most of your MBA Degree

Deciding to pursue your MBA is a big investment of both time and resources, and that is why we want you to get the most return out of your venture here at GBSB Global Business School. Whether continuing to study is a natural progression after having gained rudimentary experience in business or you previously committed to one discipline and have hit a fork in the road and want to change your career trajectory, earning your MBA will be advantageous for those that are committed to making it so.

Birchbox CEO, Katia Beauchamp committed herself to her MBA education and she walked away richer because of it. During her business studies, she met her co-founder and went onto raise $71.9 million in funding as of 2016 with much success. Her greatest advice for MBA students and prospects is to “really be there.” “It’s a real opportunity to really question what you want your life to be.” Studying for your MBA can open doors you never knew were there, and GBSB Global is here to open your eyes to see them.

How to make the most of your MBA degree

Dedicate Yourself

Make your commitment pay off by devoting yourself to the program. As tuition costs are on the rise, it is vital that what you put in makes a difference on what you get out of your degree. Make sure you have researched the degree program you have enrolled in and that its objectives are in line with your goals and aspirations then put in the work.

Use Spare Time to Your Advantage, Network

Business school is the prime environment to polish your appearances and make an impression. That is not to say you need to be clean cut all day, but you want foster real relationships with both your peers and professors. While there is a time for fun and being social, business school is a place where you can tap into a diverse pool of professionals from various backgrounds, countries and organizations and build a network. Fight the FOMO or what has been termed the “fear of missing out” and chart your own way to connect and collaborate.
You never know what your colleagues and professors have accomplished until you introduce yourself and ask. Some may be doing cutting edge research, participate in Think Tanks or sit on a board of directors. Leveraging this time to establish a good rapport could lead to some very interesting prospects post-graduation and beyond.

Don’t Stress Too Much

Competition is a part of business but don’t let yourself get caught up in it, especially this early on. School is just that, a testing ground. There are no major stakes at play so why fabricate stress that isn’t warranted?

Tap into Career Resources

Every school has a career development department that focuses solely on that, services that will provide support to you. From internships and company visits to conferences and career analysis, GBSB Global offers a wealth of resources to help you find the right direction whether that be a managerial candidate at an international company or endeavoring to launch your own business from the ground up.

Think Globally

It is crucial in today’s climate to embrace our interconnectedness by fostering a globalized business mindset. At GBSB Global we embody this notion and encourage our students to seize this fruitful environment. Studying abroad affords students the prime opportunity to further expand their horizons, gain cultural empathy and international business acumen.

Clarify Your Purpose

Most students pursuing an MBA are seeking a change in career but some are not. Wherever you are at in your career, the clearer you are on where you want to be post-graduation the more GBSB Global Business School can help. Take the time now to reflect. Having a vision will help steer your focus towards those activities, events and classes that will promote your overall success.

GBSB Global Business School is dedicated to seeing its students succeed. We offer these tips and tricks to help students gain perspective and make the best use of their studies. An MBA will only take you as far as you want to go. Let us help you realize your ambitions. Taking the advice from Beauchamp, there is no time like the present to define your life and what you want to get out of it.

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