Life at GBSB Global Barcelona

GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona is widely renowned for its Bachelor, Master and MBA programs. The campus is a bustling and thriving hub of talent, future leaders and home to more than 100 nationalities, represented by our multicultural students.

With so much diversity not just amongst our students, but also the educators and faculty, GBSB Global Business School Barcelona brings together people from all over the world in one inspirational learning environment.

GBSB Global values this melting pot of personalities and cultures and encourages the exchange of ideas that are relevant to the business world, aptly reflected in our esteemed faculty’s extensive depth of expertise in their respective fields.

The campus of the Barcelona Business School is situated in the heart of this lively city, close to all the main tourist attractions.

Barcelona Campus facilities


The Eixample district of Barcelona is home to GBSB Global Business School, conveniently placed in the vibrant city. Our renowned business school is located in a modern structure with contemporary classrooms and innovative technology, designed to promote students' higher learning.


Our campus makes the most of its more than 1000 meters of academic space, which include smart classrooms equipped with cutting-edge technology, a well-stocked library with a variety of scholarly materials, a multipurpose eating area, and an on-campus computer lab. Students can settle into private study nooks, co-working areas, meeting and conference rooms, or enjoy the stunning landscaped garden terrace.

Study space

Students can feel at ease using the business school's facilities, which were creatively put together to represent an incubator for learning, outside of the classroom. Barcelona thrives on its entrepreneurial spirit and tech-savvy ambition, and this spirit can be felt on campus as well. Barcelona is often positioned as the future Silicon Valley. With its co-working ecosystem and Microsoft technology, this unique environment encourages students to think creatively.


Our school's classrooms are inspired by the names of significant figures who birthed some of history's greatest ideas and philosophies. The remarkable breakthroughs made by Edison, Newton, Archimedes, and Pascal serve as an inspiration to young minds working to bring about a comparable shift in our modern world.

Finding accommodation abroad

Moving to a new city is never easy. The most difficult part of traveling is often finding a place to stay, but we can assist. We work with trusted partners, designed to ease the process of finding a cozy location in which to live while you study. All accommodation services are available in Malta and Spain for your convenience.

Student life and events in Barcelona campus

Students take away more than just a quality education at GBSB Global Barcelona; your classmates often become your closest friends and fellow sources of inspiration. And we have certainly worked to foster a worldwide community inside a business school setting since GBSB Global’s origins. Campus events, welcome drinks, workshops and activities abound - from orientation to extracurricular field excursions, conferences, and festivals. Mark your calendars and keep up with the myriad of social niceties outside of the classroom.

“Barcelona is a hub for diversity in the business world, as well as, a haven for a truly international experience outside of the classroom. Moving to Spain and studying at GBSB Global was essential.” - Keti Tavartkiladze, GBSB Global Barcelona alumni, 2018

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