3 Books To Challenge Your Creative Thinking and Encourage Idea Generation

“Think outside-the-box,” a popularized expression heard by all of us invites individuals to explore ideas that are a bit unusual or unconventional and might not be limited or confined by standardized rules or tradition. Putting this metaphor into practice, one is embarking on a process of creative thinking that involves fostering new or original ideas and seeking innovative solutions. Challenging yourself to constantly think creatively takes motivation and is a skill that must be honed.

Employers, especially in fields like marketing and entrepreneurship, look for professionals that excel in this area and are not afraid to bring their ideas forward even at the cost of being rejected. In business, creativity is pivotal to a company’s ability to stay ahead of trends and secure revenue. This is why GBSB Global Business School focuses on developing creative thinking as an aptitude to be harnessed by all students regardless of their level or program of study.

Outside of ideation and problem solving, creative thinking also challenges norms and outdated beliefs and ways of being. Improvements in this area can help businesses across the board from creating new products and services, to distinguishing themselves on the market. Other areas that benefit from creativity and ingenuity are content and strategy development, processes review and optimization, and startup concept generation.

If you are looking to get your creativity flowing, GBSB Global encourages everyone to read the following books to stretch their innovative potential:

Image about Business Model You by Tim Clark

1) Business Model You by Tim Clark

In this book, Clark offers a powerful methodology, a one-page tool that provides a visual way to creatively brainstorm and review any business or product idea on a single piece of paper. Learn how to develop business models, outline your vision, and evolve your existing skillset to meet the ever-changing needs of the global marketplace. An absolute must-read for any business-oriented mind.

Image about The Mind Map Book by Tony Buzan

2) The Mind Map Book by Tony Buzan

Buzan reveals stimulating ways to improve one's memory, concentration, creativity, and ability to learn, focusing on the overall process of creation, benefits, and so forth. Explore a variety of practical tools, examples, images, and exercises making this a helpful resource to refer to throughout the ideation and learning process. Not only will it help with your business proficiencies, but it will also enhance your study process if you are a current student.

Image about The Artist Way by Julia Cameron

3) The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

You may not think of yourself as an artist, however, if you are ambitious, curious, and creative with an entrepreneurial mindset, this book will help you on your journey in life and business. The author shares insightful tools to bolster your creativity, and describes how innovation stems from focused attention. To succeed in any venture one has to pay constant, detailed attention to what they want from their business, how and where they wish to grow, how they want to influence the customer, and how to make an impact on the world around us.

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