How to Prepare for an ACCA Exam?

As an official ACCA partner, GBSB Global Business School wants to prepare its own students and students from other business universities for the examination process. Being the first business school in Barcelona to provide finance programs aligned to ACCA specifications, it is important to offer the resources and materials to those individuals seeking this notable certification.

The ACCA Qualification is based on a knowledge based module. The exams are all evaluated using short objective questions. This method of exam is used to ensure that examiners are able to measure a wide breadth of information across their syllabus in the designated time allowed. All three exams encompass 50 questions, and the pass mark is 50%. The exams are limited to two hours, and this structure is identical whether students are taking the paper based or computer-based exams (CBEs).

This article is meant to help students prepare for their ACCA exams at GBSB Global.

GBSB Global partner of ACCA an international organization high respected qualifications in business

Knowledge module exams demand a particular strategy compared to short answer or essay exams. The ACCE paper-based exams are based on a set of multiple choice questions, and include two, three, or four answer options.

The CBE’s however, cover the same content from the syllabus, but it includes a wider assortment of questions. In keeping with the paper-based exams, questions on the CBE can also be worth one or two marks.


How to prepare for the ACCA exam?

1. Begin with The Study Guide

The study guide is a useful resource because it works with the source documents in which the examiners base their questions on the computer based exams. When sitting down to prepare the exam, familiarize yourself with all the sections of the syllabus and subject areas. The 50 questions can be applicable to any of the areas covered in the syllabus. Don’t get caught skimming certain sections assuming that they are unimportant.

2. Read the Official Textbooks & Approved Study Prep Materials

GBSB Global will provide students with access to the official textbooks and approved study materials. These texts include formative tests of knowledge and invaluable practice questions. These texts are reviewed annually to ensure their relevance to the current examination materials.

3. Differentiate the Question Types

On the computer based exams, objective questions can take various forms and students must be prepared for this. The forms include:

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • True and False Questions
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Multiple Response Matching Questions
  • Number Entry Questions
4. Don’t Just Prepare for the Objective Questions

It is important not to just prepare for objective questions, but it is also pertinent to study questions that require longer responses. This helps to create a better understanding of the material and be able to answer questions that may ask for the student to correct the definition of a theory or concept. It is important to have a greater understanding of the material in which to base your answers.

5. Manage the Exam Time Appropriately

Knowledge module exams include 50 questions to be answered within a two-hour time frame. This means on average students should estimate 1.2 minutes per question. Half of the questions should be completed within the first hour in order to keep pace and allow time for the remaining questions. This is only a rough guide, but a good rule of thumb to reference.

6. Utilize the ACCA Official Website Resources

Take advantage of the wealth of resources available on the official ACCA website. These materials are made available to students to further assist their studies.


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