What Careers Can You Expect with a Marketing Degree

Do you love sales? Do you find talking to people and trying to get them interested in what you are selling or advertising easy? Do you look for creative ways to promote events, products or services? Are you a social media guru looking for new found ways in technology to capture a segment or audience? If you answered yes to any one of these questions, a career in marketing may be just your calling.

It is important when you are considering your course of study that you believe the subject area and ultimate career is a good fit, that you can see yourself working in the profession and are fulfilled by the role.

In order for current and prospective students to better understand the positions available in marketing, we have compiled a list of four career paths graduates can take after they have their diploma in hand. The subsequent average global salary is listed. In addition, we have also provided students with different areas of specialization that may be of interest.

If you can see yourself filling one of these positions, earning a degree in marketing might be just the right field to launch your professional career in. In marketing, it is important to think creatively, be nimble to new ideas and technology and be a self starter. Starting in one role may not be where you end, and that is what is exciting about this field. There is ample opportunity to make your career in marketing exactly what you want.

Career Paths

Marketing Coordinator ($41,340)

A marketing coordinator is there to support the whole marketing department and their project goals. The main responsibilities a coordinator may be tasked with include handling logistics for marketing campaigns, product launches, event organization and managing strategic partnerships. A majority of the time is spent coordinating cross-functional team efforts and assisting other team members with research, creating mailing lists and processing invoices. Writing is a key function of the coordinator, and one can expect to juggle developing copy for social media, websites, direct mailing and print advertisements.

Marketing Manager ($62,650)

Tasked with developing, implementing, and executing strategic marketing plans, marketing managers work diligently to engage potential customers and maintain existing ones. From day to day, marketing managers oversee and coordinate marketing staff, lead marketing research to dissect the viability of current and existing products/services, and networking with media outlets and advertising agencies.

Senior Marketing Manager ($97,144)

Senior Marketing Managers manage a company’s marketing department. They guarantee the effective promotion of the company and its brand by targeting the appropriate audience in their campaigns. They keep their teams abreast of targets and encourage creativity and innovation. It is possible that they are charged with supervising the sales and public relations departments as well. These divisions often work in unison with the marketing department.

Chief Marketing Officer ($160,620)

A Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is tasked with the planning, development and execution of a company’s marketing and advertising initiative. Reporting directly to the chief executive officer, the CMO's primary task is to create revenue by maximizing sales through successful marketing for the entire organization, using market research, pricing, product marketing, marketing communications, advertising and public relations. Often the CMO’s role is increased, overseeing sales management, new business development, product development, distribution channel management and customer service.

Specializations in Marketing

Strategic Marketing Manager

A strategic marketing manager’s first goal is to identify a target audience in order to develop a comprehensive strategic marketing plan. They work effectively with sales and marketing specialists to pinpoint target markets and execute competitive analysis.

Brand Manager / Product Manager

Brand managers focus on the upkeep and perception of a specific brand. Their work is strategic, involving in-depth curation of both their company’s image and the exact steps it will take to foster and maintain that image.
Product managers look at the design and features of a particular product. Their work can be highly logistical and often very technical, involving the collaboration with executives, developers, sales and marketing.

Marketing Research and Analytics

Market research identifies the feedback collected directly from the source and is typically deployed to answers strategic questions encompassing brand management, product development and consumer perceptions.
Market analytics refers to the calculations taken from the systemic analysis of the vitality of a business—tasks like looking into sales data and the profitability levels for a product line are common.

Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing manager’s role is quite similar to many stated above, developing, implementing and managing a company’s marketing campaign that promotes its products and/or services. He or she stands apart by playing a major role in increasing brand awareness within the digital realm as well as driving website traffic and acquiring leads/customers.

Communication Manager

Communications managers are responsible for relaying an organization's internal and external messages. They draft written materials, give presentations and contact employees.

Public Relations Manager

Public relations managers deal directly with the media and field questions, pitch stories, create media kits and organize press conferences. In addition to writing press releases, they prepare speeches for organizational leaders, design advertising and marketing communications material and execute written material for corporate newsletters. Public relations managers also work to field negative publicity and juggle crisis and emergency communications that are not easy.

If any of these roles sound like a good fit, that you could jump into the position, tasked with the objectives at hand and thrive, then a career in marketing is just up your alley. For more information on how GBSB Global could set you on the right path to achieve greatness in the field of marketing, contact one of our admissions representatives today to learn more about our programs!

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