Here's what Office Manager, Clifton Saurel (USA), had to say about his first month at GBSB

When I started working with GBSB Global Business School, I was nervous at the beginning. Besides needing to learn all the things to do my job well, there were so many new faces and names to learn. Luckily, the GBSB administration team made me feel like I fit right in, and I quickly got over my nervousness. We laughed together and shared stories, and they have made me feel as if my contributions are important. What I have also enjoyed has been meeting different students from countries all over the world. It’s been great hearing why they have decided to study at GBSB Global Business School, and I have learned a lot as they share bits of information about their culture. Being part of such an international community such as GBSB Global has really opened up my mind to the diversity of human experiences. It has also made me realize that even with vast cultural differences, we all share many of the same problems, needs, and desires. The international environment at GBSB Global Business School has made me feel as if I am a global citizen, and I will be forever thankful for that.

Office Manager GBSB Global Business School Barcelona, Clifton Saurel

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