What Jobs and Careers can you get with a Fashion Management Degree?

You don’t have to sketch elaborate ball gown designs or hem suits to make the most out of your fashion management degree. Being a designer is one of the higher profile roles you can fill in the fashion and luxury industry, but this position requires a talent that is often innate.

Don’t worry, there are a multitude of careers in fashion management and luxury brand management, so many that you may start in one position and naturally gravitate to another within the fashion and luxury industry, making you cross-functional and more marketable.

What career prospects can you expect with a fashion management degree?

Fashion & Luxury Merchandising

Fashion & Luxury Merchandising involves analyzing market trends, strategic production planning, managing purchase negotiations and developing advertising and marketing strategies.

Brand Management

Managers are responsible for developing and executing online and offline marketing initiatives to improve the positioning of a product or service in the fashion & luxury industry.

Public Relations

Public relation personnel work alongside fashion editors to generate positive publicity and client brand recognition. These individuals engage in market research, trend analysis, customer retention tactics, and networking initiatives with celebrities, models and other public figures who can elevate a brand or concept.

Fashion & Luxury Buying

Fashion & Luxury Buyers travel to production facilities, trade fairs and fashion shows worldwide to see which fashion & luxury pieces are materializing in the industry in order to determine what a company will showcase based on emerging seasonal trends.

Retail / Sales

The goal of the retail and sales sector in the fashion & luxury industry is to use innovative business strategies to ensure products reach consumers by the most effective and efficient means possible. Some responsibilities include analyzing customer demand, forecasting sales, negotiating prices with suppliers, managing a team, attending trade events, and planning brand bolstering engagements.

Marketing / Advertising

In the fashion & luxury industry marketing and advertising managers manage various campaigns to improve the branding of a product or service a company provides impacting the bottom-line, net profits.

Ecommerce / Social Media

Social Media Managers working in the fashion & luxury industry are responsible for creating brand awareness, driving traffic, and fostering engagement with online communities. They give the brand a voice and generate interest by publishing relevant content, launching promotional campaigns, and creating partnerships across all platforms.

Visual Presentation/Styling

These roles are not the same, but there is some overlap, requiring creativity and vision. From someone who selects the clothing and accessories to props for published editorial features, print or digital advertising campaigns, music videos, concert performances, and public appearances celebrities, models, and important figures make.

Writers who love fashion can give their insight into the exciting world of fashion. From hard copy magazines to online blogs, you can also write for eCommerce websites, PR firms and trade publications.

Fashion Journalist

Writers who love fashion have the opportunity to give their insight into the exciting world of fashion. From hard copy magazines to online blogs, you can also write for eCommerce websites, PR firms and trade publications.

Production Management

Production managers oversee textiles and clothing made at the manufacturing level. They work closely with retailers and suppliers assure quality standards are kept.


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