10 Reasons to Pursue a Degree in Barcelona, Spain

GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona provides an excellent foundation for international students who wish to study in a city alight in activity and professional opportunity.

Located on the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona offers a vibrant cosmopolitan atmosphere. As the capital of Catalonia, the city is a fascinating melting pot of locals, tourists, expats and business professionals just passing through.

One of Europe’s top holiday destinations, Barcelona plays host to countless fairs, expositions, celebrations, performances and artistic events. Add to this dynamic an amazing array of restaurants and cafes, world renown museums, pristine beaches and nightlife, you will not be surprised why Barcelona is a major tourist center and an increasingly active port of call for cruise ships.

A city full of tree-lined boulevards, open spaces and architectural diversity, Barcelona has prevailed the test of time to become a major international player. Since the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, the city has seen a facelift that is only another cause for its upstanding place of historic and contemporary value.

Not convinced yet? Here are 10 more reasons to pursue your degree in Barcelona, Spain.

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1. Diverse Culture

Catalonia, as seen in the media, is a unique region of Spain, known for its strong identification as an autonomous state, which you can sense throughout Barcelona. The language, culture and food are all representative of this nomenclature. Spanish people, you will experience, are some of the easiest-going, unhurried people in all of Europe. Their culture has a true affection for siesta and celebration. That is not to say Barcelona is one big party, a city with a great deal of hustle and bustle, business gets done all while locals and expats alike converse and make time to savor a cup of coffee.

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2. Mediterranean Cuisine

Barcelona is a haven for foodies. With an international audience, there is something for everyone but some of the most frequented establishments serve traditional Spanish and Catalan dishes. From tapas, such as patatas braves (fried potatoes with spicy sauce) to anchoas (salty anchovies) and croquetas (croquettes stuffed with meat or vegetables) to paella, you will never be hungry. Want dinner with a view? Barcelona definitely can impress. Try fresh mariscos (seafood) prepared in a multitude of ways served along with a chilled glass of cava, produced just outside the city limits.

Image about Sports Reign Supreme in Barcelona, Spain

3. Sports Reign Supreme

With the likes of Lionel Messi, among a host of other exquisite players on FC Barcelona, the world renown football club and its Camp Nou stadium can draw a crowd. But it is not always a matter of professional sports. There are many indoor and outdoor places where individuals can exercise or practice any discipline under the sun. Recommended areas include any one of the beautiful beaches along the Costa Brava and beautiful parks such us Ciudadella Park or Park Guell. It is also important to note, Barcelona is a very bike and skateboard friendly city. Most of the roads have special traffic lanes for cyclist, and skateboarders will find a lot of squares and plazas to perform tricks and flips.

Image about Sublime Climate in Barcelona, Spain

4. Sublime Climate

Moderate all year long, nothing can compare to Barcelona’s Mediterranean climate. Sun and sand are the name of the game. You can enjoy both with only a few months of chillier and rainier conditions from late November to February. Every March, when the temperatures rise, the cafes and restaurant terraces are ablaze with traffic, and you can enjoy a magnificent array of rooftop terraces catering everything from drinks and small bites to disco parties and 5-star dining. Get fit working on your summer body, as the beach season starts around mid-April, though the nights are still slightly cool. The real summer temps are felt in July and August, when the average temperature is around 28 ° C.

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5. Art & Innovation Spot

Barcelona is not only a center for culture and tourism, but it is also home to popular fashion designers, corporate headquarters, and a thriving innovation industry. Recognized worldwide as a model for blending art and urban planning, the city is a rich amalgamation of high-tech industries, medical facilities and institutes of higher learning.

Image about Hub for Technology in Barcelona, Spain

6. Hub for Technology

With the development of the 22@district in 2000, the revitalized Sant Marti and Poble Nou neighborhoods have become epicenters in the world of innovation. With this new formation, the local government of Barcelona was able to create new employment opportunities, housing, and live-work facilities to cater to increased movement to the city. These initiatives have been made possible with the use of five knowledge-intensive clusters: Information and Computer Technology (ICT), Media, Bio-Medical, Energy, and Design. The creation of this smart city project was also aimed to bring together the international and local communities with the use of both formal and informal networks.

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7. Sights

Being a tourist in Barcelona, there is so much to do and discover; it really takes time to unearth all the treasures it offers. Top spots include Sagrada Familia, Park Guell and Camp Nou Stadium, but don’t stop there: from Dali to Picasso, art to architecture, the city is one of Europe’s greatest gems. Student favorites can take you to breathtaking views visiting the Bunkers of Barcelona or enjoying a simple cortado (espresso with a splash of warm milk) in one of the many tiny streets of the bohemian Gracia neighborhood.

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8. Cosmopolitan Life

No matter where you are in Barcelona, you can feel its cultural diversity and metropolitan vibe. Every year, the city attracts millions of people from all over the world, and Barcelona is well equipped to welcome them. As such, English is commonly heard on the street, and there is no problem finding your way around.

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9. Location, Location, Location

Barcelona enjoys immense popularity, among others, thanks to its perfect connection to the rest of Europe and as a hub for international travel to the Americas and Africa. Whether by plane, car or boat – any mode of transportation will get you here. With that fact, there will not be a problem for your friends or family who want to visit! Barcelona’s idealic location also provides you with unparalleled opportunities to travel to other parts of Spain and to the rest of Europe.

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10. Nightlife & Entertainment

Barcelona is certainly one of Europe’s most fashionable destinations for those who want to party. A city that never sleeps, it’s home to some of the best clubs, famous DJs and live music. You will always have fun in the company of your peers, international students, and other locals and expats.

These are only ten reasons to pursue your degree in Barcelona, Spain among a host of many. Come join us at GBSB Global and experience what the hype is all about. There is no better city to study in! We’re waiting for you!

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