GBSB Global Student of the Month: Dana Aljohar

Meet our GBSB Global Student of the Month, Dana Aljohar, Master of Fashion and Luxury Business Management Class of 2017. Joining our student body from Kuwait, Dana, is a bright and social individual who made a last-minute decision to study at GBSB Global in Barcelona. She wanted to complete her master’s degree, but after studying English literature as her undergrad, she wanted to do something more than just technical studies. Dana wanted to do something creative, and what more creative than fashion. An industry that is literally changing every day in some capacity, she was enthralled by the diverse subject matter and opportunities that make up the market. Luxury was a complimentary course of study and for Dana, was meant to open doors to other prospects.

A Little Background Information

Dana Aljohar is from the Kuwait, a country that is part of the Gulf Coast Countries. Other countries that make up this region are Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirate. After graduating with her undergraduate degree in English literature, Dana began her career as a teacher, instructing students in English studies for three years and art for one year.

Last year, on a relaxing holiday, Dana had visited Barcelona. Instantly she fell in love with the city, the history, its people, culture, and art. Fashion is big business in Barcelona, and its popularity is also modeled in Kuwait, where its residents value fashion and accessories Dana explained. Dana wanted to bring a little piece of Kuwait to Europe. She wants to show what fashion Kuwait has to offer. Many of the styles are inspired by Europe, but they also have their traditional wares that are magnificent, a true display of their culture and pride. After living in Europe, Dana wants to highlight the "fusion" between the fashion in Europe and Kuwait.

Why GBSB Global?

After doing a bit of research Dana was drawn to GBSB Global because of its international reputation. In Spain, it is hard to find the combination of international studies with international students and professors. It was also one of the only schools on her radar that actually offered a program in fashion and luxury business management.

Finishing her final term at GBSB Global, Dana can reflect upon her experiences. One of the most enjoyable outcomes from her studies, was the opportunity to learn from the opinions and insights of her fellow peers which come from 24 different countries. Professors support this interchange and also feed off the energy, such a dynamic and diverse classroom offers.

"We are like a big family". The school’s student body is growing, but with small class sizes, it allows students to connect with each and every one of their peers. "GBSB Global was successful at bringing us together", Dana highlights.

Dana learned from the people and her experiences.

The Master in Fashion and Luxury Business Management didn’t only teach theory, but also asked students to be creative and think outside the box by offering an assortment of group based projects, industrial visits, and events.

The school offers a good curriculum. One of Dana’s favorite classes was a course on sustainability in fashion. Coming from the Middle East, she was less informed about sustainability going into the subject. After completing the course, she was enlightened by the material covered and mentioned she was not really aware of what sustainability had to do with fashion, but will certainly be taking some aspects of her learning back to her home country.

What’s next? What dreams does Dana have in store?

Studying abroad has offered Dana a wealth of experience. Within the next five years, Dana would like to return to Kuwait. She would like to open a business, but not just any atelier or trendy fashion shop. She would like to start a company that tells a story about her journey, a journey that started in Spain and still has more to be written. She ultimately wants to tell her life’s adventure through color, the arts, and garments.

GBSB Global has helped her get her start. Studying for her Master in Fashion and Business Management degree has given Dana the groundwork, providing the process and logistics that will help her pursue her endeavors.

Dana’s words of advice for future students.

It sounds cliché, but follow your dream. It is hard to take the first step, but don’t hesitate. Follow your instinct and just go for it!

Written by Emily Dawn Szajda, GBSB Global Content Manager

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