Masters Degree Programs in Barcelona

GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona offers several masters degree programs in English in different concentrations of international business management. Please click on a Master program of your interest for more details.

Why Pursue a Masters Degree at GBSB Global Business School Barcelona?

Many complete masters degree programs to advance in their field of study and to earn promotions. Other seek masters degrees to  change career fields. Masters degree programs at our international business school in Barcelona will benefit you in several ways:

  • At GBSB Global Business School we define excellence at an international level and prepare managers to lead in a global world. Our global approach to business education is integrated throughout the curriculum. While studying for a Master’s  Degree in Barcelona at our business school students take internationally-focused classes in English, learn foreign languages and take part in internship programs in Barcelona, Spain, Europe and possibly other regions of the world.
  • Our Masters Degree Programs will give you a more competitive edge in the corporate world. It will allow you to develop expertise in a certain area of business. For example, if you have a bachelor’s degree in business administration and you want to have better career opportunities in marketing: complete a master’s degree in marketing.
  • A Masters Degree Program can also help you jump into a new field of career. By studying a new area of work in our masters degree programs you increase your chances of being hired in that field.
  • Pursuing a Master’s Degree will help you build your professional network and knowledge baseStudying for a master’s degree in Barcelona at our international business school will give you the opportunity to meet other current or future professionals from Barcelona, Spain, Europe and other regions of the world who may help you move up the career ladder, establish your own business, or change companies in the field.
  • While studying for a Master’s Degree the students are free to choose their particular business electives from among a wide range of courses offered at GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona. The students from Spain and Europe are usually interested in courses which focus on business cultures from outside Europe, whereas students from Asian or Latin American countries choose courses which would allow them to understand peculiarities of international business in Europe. With business elective courses students are free to tailor their masters degree programs according to their personal and professional interests.
  • As a Master student at GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona, you will rarely be in a class with more than 40 students. You will spend a lot of time with the faculty as students are encouraged to interact with the faculty in and out of the classroom – they will know you and you will know them. At GBSB Business School, you are not just a face in the crowd.
  • You will study in a very modern, multicultural, cosmopolitan city of Barcelona.Enjoying the benefits of a Mediterranean climate Barcelona attracts international students not only from Europe but from all over the world.

Structure and Number of Credits

For all master’s degrees, a minimum of 60 graduate academic credits (ECTS) is required. The academic year is divided into three quarters and lasts from October till June. Students would normally be expected to complete their masters degree programs within one academic year of full-time studies.

Application Deadline

Applications are accepted all year round. Students may start their studies in October, January and April. Students who are not the citizens of European Union are encouraged to apply earlier in order to allow time for student visa processing.

If you have any questions or doubts regarding our Masters Degree Programs, please do not hesitate to contact one of our educational advisors.

Prospective students, wishing to participate in the Masters Degree Programs, please apply online