With 7000 years of history and an 8-month long beautiful summer season, Malta is a unique, always-sunny island paradise in the middle of the Mediterranean. What better destination to choose for your Summer School holidays this upcoming, long-awaited summer of 2021!

To make this decision easier for you, we've decided to outline some of the main reasons why you should join us in Malta besides the state of the art educational experience.

Here we go...

1. Ameliorate your English

Not only is Malta an English-speaking country, making it a famous destination for supreme English language courses - thousands of students and expatriates from all over the world inhabit the island, creating a highly diverse and welcoming environment. Apart from the classroom, you will have plenty of opportunities to practice the living language, from local media to local community. Communication is bound to be easy, making the navigation around the island effortless and efficient as you embark on your daily adventures.

2. Ideal for Beach Hopping

Being an archipelago, Malta is a dream for beach holiday fans. Swim in the clear waters of the infinite blue sea, or if you are on the sporty side, take a pick of the available water sports. And of course, don’t forget to visit Comino’s beautiful Blue Lagoon!

3. Food Fests

If you enjoy eating and celebrating, Malta should definitely be on your bucket list. The locals really know how to throw a good food festival. You will get to try the most delicious Mediterranean treats, from local drinks such as beer and wine, to home grown citrus, figs and strawberries, freshly baked bread and pastry, chocolate, olives and much more. Yum!

4. Visit Valletta

Valletta, Malta’s capital is a UNESCO-World-Heritage listed town, which is impossible to ignore. Enjoy the baroque and contemporary architecture at the same time, while you explore the charming winding streets full of colorful balconies. If you are a history enthusiast, Valletta is also a fascinating reminder of the damage Malta suffered during World War II: it’s home to a collection of underground shelters, chapels, and tunnels, some of which can be visited.

5. Wander on to Birgu

Birgu is the oldest of Malta’s fortified Three Cities, alongside sister-cities Senglea and Cospicua. This tiny medieval city offers gorgeous views across the waters to Valletta and bursts with beautiful forts, churches, and museums, including the Inquisitor’s Palace - one of the last to survive in Europe. Wander the plazas, savor a waterfront coffee, and spend your Sunday morning rambling a bewildering flea market at Fuq Il-Fortini.

6. Treasure Hunt

How can you spend more time outdoors, relishing the weather? Go on a treasure hunt - an entertaining and challenging team building activity where you will be trying to solve given tasks and ciphers. Build new friendships and test your ingenuity, as you explore the chosen city in an unique way!

7. Underwater Kingdom

Ever dreamt of learning to dive or perhaps you are already a pro? With over 100 dive sites, enjoy the wonders of the underwater kingdom, whatever level you are. What can you expect to see? Explore the rich marine life weaving through numerous reefs, peeking out from underwater domes and shipwrecks.

8. Flyboard Fun

If being under water isn’t quite your thing, how about flying over it? Take off into the sky like Iron Man and check how good your balance is with Flyboard. With practice you can even dive through the water like a dolphin and hover above the water’s surface.

9. Party Island

If you haven’t heard, Malta is making a name for itself on Europe’s clubbing trail. Fashionable cocktail bars, bursting nightclubs, rooftop bars with fantastic views, sophisticated wine bars, beach parties, open-air venues, and of course the summer music concerts. If you are a night owl, this holiday will definitely keep you busy!

10. Picture Perfect

Your social media will explode with picturesque landscapes, vivid lights and ideal postcard summer vibes! If you are a passionate photographer, get ready to profit from the perfect set.

Read more about Malta Summer School.

If you are ready to embark on this exciting summertime adventure, book your tickets and get packing! See you soon!

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