Teacher Profile: Josep Bosch

The international faculty at GBSB Global Business School is happy to welcome the esteemed Josep Bosch, Spokesman and Head of Media at the World Trade Organization to the university. Mr. Bosch is both a Spanish and Swiss national who speaks Spanish, Catalan, English and French. He is bringing a wealth of experience in journalism, media, and international relations to GBSB. Mr. Bosch began in January 2017 teaching the course titled Understanding International Macroeconomy in the Master of International Business Management program.

A Dynamic Career on the International Stage

Professor Bosch’s career began in journalism, studying at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. After graduation, he began working for several local newspapers and magazines until 1976 when he began his career as a "foreign correspondent". In the same year, Mr. Bosch was honored with an award in journalism from the Girona Chamber of Commerce. Over the years, he has also published many of his works, but a few of the most notable are the History of News (2013), Premières Lignes La Grande Guerre a la Une (2014), and Contemporary Illustrated History of Spain through the Press (2016).

In regards to Mr. Bosch’s professional career, it is quite a fantastic list of international experience. Starting in 1976, Mr. Bosch worked as a foreign correspondent in London for Efe, a Spanish International News Agency. He went to further his experience as the Bureau Chief in Beijing, China for the same Efe Spanish News Agency. In 1987 he transitioned in the same role to Tokyo, Japan and again in 1989 to Hong Kong. In this last position, Mr. Bosch became the Regional Correspondent for Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

Finally, in 1996, Mr. Bosch returned to Europe. He moved to Geneva, Switzerland to become a Bureau Chief and Economics Correspondent. In 2000, he joined the World Trade Organization. He spent 15 years as a spokesman and information officer at the WTO. From 2015-2016 Mr. Bosch became the Head of Media for the institution.

During GBSB Global Business School Global Study Trip last year to Geneva, Switzerland, the group had the fortune to be introduced to the World Trade Organization by Mr. Bosch. He was the representative assigned to meet with the group and explain the organization’s international function. He led a discussion on dispute settlements and took the group on a very exclusive visit of the facilities.

Career with the World Trade Organization

Professor Bosch’s background as a media correspondent has provided various opportunities to become academically involved in various WTO Outreach activities and trainings in the United Kingdom, France, Croatia, Tajikistan, Mexico, Russia, Panama, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Chile, Paraguay, Belgium, Switzerland, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Spain, and Germany. Mr. Bosch truly embodies what GBSB Global Business School values as international experience that is pertinent to share with students, enriching their education.

Today, Professor Bosch commutes from his home in Girona to teach classes at GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona. In addition to teaching, he also oversees a privately funded project he initiated in 1968. The project’s main function is to recover, restore, preserve, and exhibit original historical newspapers from all over the world. The primary aim of Professor Bosch’s project is to bring historical front pages back to life.

GBSB Global Business School is excited to add such an accomplished professional to the university as a member of its international faculty. To learn more about Josep Bosch’s project click here

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