5 reasons to choose a business education

There’s a lot to be said for being one’s own boss. Whether your passion lies in the creative arts, multimedia, a specialist trade or the booming world of business – a quality business education can only contribute to your future career trajectory.

Let’s take a fashion designer as an example. You live and breathe fashion, colors, textures, patterns, fabrics and art. You dream of launching your own fashion line. While you may have the top-notch talent to bring your designs to fruition – what about marketing and selling those fashions? How will you create a strong brand presence? Compile a growth strategy so that your fashion line goes from small to global?

These crucial aspects are all intertwined within a business degree that will allow you to pursue your dreams.

Your career, your way

Whatever type of career you choose, and it doesn’t have to be a traditional business leader, a business degree empowers you to take ownership of your journey. With a business degree, you learn strategy, digital marketing, the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, revenues and finances and so much more that can be applied in virtually any industry, any career path. Here’s a startling bit of information – even medical doctors could benefit from a business degree. “Every physician without a business education who works in private medical practice leaves approximately $1 million on the table, and is unaware of that, a fact that's well known to business experts who work with doctors experiencing financial difficulties,” according to MedPage Today.

Become part of a globalized workforce

A business degree, by nature of its diverse subjects and coursework, allows graduates to work anywhere in the world. The program and skills learned are transferable to almost any industry in any country. Indeed.com posits that a business degree can significantly increase your employability as the program fundamentals cover essential related skills, such as how to manage employees, effective communication and creating a strong teamwork mentality.
“Many employers look for these skills when hiring someone for a management position.”
“Working at a global organization provides the opportunity to experience diversity that crosses borders, languages, and cultures. This can broaden world views while facilitating the generation of unique ideas and approaches to problem solving. It can also improve valuable soft skills such as interpersonal communication, active listening, and teamwork within diverse world groups.” – Forbes India

Use your skills to help others

Not every MBA graduate immediately heads off to conquer the glass ceilings of fast-paced corporate environments. Many use their skills in aid of charities, NGOs and nonprofits where essential business skills can boost an agency’s credibility while sharpening strategies, goals and objectives. Consider grassroots organizations, start-ups and community development projects and how much they would benefit from a skilled business graduate.

Secure your long-term future

No matter how far technological development and innovation will advance, individuals with managerial training, analytical skills, and business vision will always be a vital component in business and the economy. In comparison to other careers where the market may be dwindling, the demand for well-educated businessmen and women is growing with the advancements in technology.

Create your own branded business

Of course, the penultimate reason for pursuing a business education – to have all the tools in your arsenal to start and run your own company. Choosing a business degree, especially through a credible business-focused school like GBSB Global, will give you a firm grasp of basic economic principles, financial markets, business strategy, business technology, digitized business practices and ultimately – how to take your idea from concept to success.

Business school or university?

There’s much on offer at both a dedicated business school and university. The choice comes down to many factors, including costs, credibility of the schools and of course, your personal career ambitions. A business school specializes in business degrees, which is reflected in personnel, special touches within the curriculum and industry-specific opportunities and internships.

GBSB Global is accredited by ACBSP, MFHEA, ASIC, and ECBE, and incorporates an astute faculty, comprising professors who are highly successful CEOs and business owners themselves, affording students the opportunity to learn how to overcome real-world challenges and become highly marketable in their fields of study.

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