Why Study for a Master’s in Digital Business in the Days of the Coronavirus

You do not have to be a big enterprise like Amazon to make a difference. Tiny digital businesses play a pinnacle role in the success of local economies helping them to withstand the storm that is the coronavirus.

Earning your Online Master in Digital Business will not only advance your career but will help your community come back from this incredible calamity.

A new study of millions of small digital businesses conducted by researchers at Arizona State University and the University of Iowa in the United States, is based on data collected and published by GoDaddy, a large retailer of internet domain names and a website-hosting service. The new research, based on data from 20 million websites, found that small-scale entrepreneurs are generating a significant spillover of benefits enriching their communities.

Counties and regions, the research suggests, that have increasing numbers of these ventures are expected, from previous experience in economic downfalls, will have a stronger recovery. The last recession is a testament to this analysis, “these small web-based businesses can be an important buffer for individuals and local communities facing economic challenges,” said Marcela Escobari, an economic development expert and a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, who was not involved in the new study.

The new data, the researchers said, adds an important aspect to understanding the unsteady economy we face in today’s current crisis. The markets could fair if digital business continues to innovate and look for new technologies like AI. While leading-edge technology, investment and employment is clustered in a handful of superstar cities, we should support the wide-spread growth of digital business on a grass-roots level across the globe.

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Why is it that digital business is the way of the future?

Today, social distancing is the norm and we do not know what the new future will look like when a vaccine will be implemented globally. What we do know is that consumer behaviors are changing and while everyone is stuck at home, the new normal may and will likely still focus highly on new technologies and ecommerce. Now is the time to embrace the trends in digital business and get ahead.

Studying for your Master in Digital Business

Today, with 80 percent of revenue growth focused on digital offerings and operations, digital business and information technology leaders should continue transforming their marketing and operations. Companies that continue to invest in their digital strategy, while balancing short-term projects with long-term measures, will arise victorious from this pandemic and be more competitive in the market. Foundational models that integrate the best people, processes and technologies remain pinnacle in both good times and bad.

“All roads lead back to the IT operating model,” Steve Bates, global leader of KPMG’s CIO center of excellence says. “There is going to be pent-up demand and when this period ends there is going to be a tidal wave of spending and you want to be in position to take advantage of it.” In short, now is not the time to put the brakes on significant tech initiatives.

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What does that mean for you?

While we are still sticking close to home, and countries slowly start to reopen, now is the best time to invest in your professional credentials. The Coronavirus Pandemic has become a spotlight identifying those key industries that will take the helm and lead us through the rough waters that still lay ahead. After a near halt of economic activity across the globe, and unemployment at an unbelieve high, individuals will start calculating how they will fit into the rapidly changing dynamic of business.

Don’t be left behind. Research has illustrated IT, digital business careers like becoming a CMO, Web Analytics Manager, Creative Director, UX Specialist, Mobile App Developer, Interactive Marketing Manager, Head of Digital, Chief Experience Officer among a host of positions will be in demand. Now is not the time to sit on your heels.

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GBSB Global offers both an Online Master in Digital Business and an on-campus experience. Considering institutions are not at liberty to open their doors in person, it only makes sense to study for a digitally based career online, using the technology you will be engaging in in the real world.

GBSB is a Microsoft School, equipped with the latest apps, platforms and tools to position you at the head of the pack. Marketability will be a key factor to consider when trying to stand out in the crowd of job seekers who also realize the demand for tech. Learning from business leaders who have experience in AI marketing, digital communications, digital finance among a host of credentials and real-world experience implementing advanced digital strategies will give you the leg up. Not to mention, our faculty come from around the world, bringing integral insights on the realm of international business to the classroom.

It only takes nine months of study to graduate with accredited Master in Digital Business degree. In that period of time, you will be able to watch the markets, identify where your interest lies, and pursue the career that not only fits your talents but readies you to meet the future demands in business.

Contact GBSB Global today to get started; there is no time to delay!

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