Are You a Born Leader? Career Paths in Business Administration

Do you want to be the head of a company, to be the boss’s boss, to climb to the top of the corporate ladder? Are you a born leader, an organization ninja with an incredible knack for customer service, management and have a mind for business? If this sounds like you, maybe a career in business administration is just the right fit.

In today’s modern business environment, it is a dog-eat-dog world, where only the strong survive. It is important to have a good base of education and real-life experience to make you stand out in front of the crowd of your competitors vying for the same business administration career opportunity. Staying up-to-date with trends in technology, that are ever changing, is a must. A manager must be confident in his/her knowledge in the particular area of work he/she specializes in, able to train staff, and display fine-tuned management skills in business administration.

According to Penn State University in the United States, management involves, "the coordination of human material and financial resources to accomplish organizational goals."i

Business administration professionals have a strong basis in accounting, finance, marketing, economics, statistics, decision making and human resources, in addition to a deep understanding of budgets, organizing, planning, project management, hiring, directing, controlling and overseeing the day-to-day obstacles that arise. A sound management candidate will be innovative, creative, a problem solver and goal-oriented. Under the business administration umbrella, it is imperative to keep in mind the rudimentary dynamics in the workplace, such as diversity, ethics and politics.

When studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration it is important to note that within this degree there are many different areas of special interest and business administration career opportunities. For example, the education accountants receive is very similar to that of a chief financial manager, but whereas one studies accounting as a separate degree, finance would fall under studies in business administration.

When entering the workforce, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from an accredited university may not be enough to draw the attention of high profile companies. Work experience, whether through an internship, joining a co-op program or by taking on a part time job while studying, will give you the wisdom and insight that will make you more sought-after in a demanding job market.

A graduate in business administration is well-rounded and can function in many operating areas, or BBA careers. Beginning his/her career as an entry-level manager or as a mid-level department manager, he/she will be accountable for planning, organizing and controlling the overall activities of a single department. From this starting position, the next likely move would result in a promotion to operations manager, who would be responsible for controlling an entire series of individual departments that work toward a shared goal.

Are you a natural leader, at the head of a conference table directing business affairs?

If you are seriously considering studying for a Bachelor in Business Administration, you might consider one of these
7 BBA Career Opportunities before making the decision.ii

1. Sales Manager

An effective sales manager is responsible for setting targets and growing sales by successfully managing a team of sales agents, among many other responsibilities. Within this framework, he/she also helps to design business plans and reports on sales, revenues and expenses. It is key in this role to identify emerging markets that may pose a threat and manage any shifts in the market accordingly.iii

2. Customer Service Specialist

A customer service specialist should be able to think on their feet and be able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. Often responsible for inbound and outbound calling, a solid knowledge base of the computer and various programs and software, for example Word, Excel, and Amadeus, is beneficial. Customer service specialists can work in a range of different industries from insurance and manufacturing to cable companies and beverage establishments.iv

3. Marketing Analyst

A valued market analyst will collect data on consumers, competitors and the market place in general and will consolidate this research into actionable functions, reports, and presentations. This analyst will understand the business’s objectives, prepare and present SWOT analyses, interpret raw data, formulate supporting reports and make recommendations.v

4. Business Developer

A senior manager or executive is typically tasked with the role of helping his/her business grow and is highly professional with an established network. The main functions of this position are:

  • Identifying new sales leads
  • Pitching products &/or services
  • Nurturing fulfilling relationships with existing clients

The day-to-day tasks can involve research, contacting potential customers, developing and overseeing marketing initiatives and attending relevant conferences, meetings and

5. Advertising Manager

An advertising manager could be responsible for overseeing an outsourced advertising agency or an internal team. The basic responsibilities included developing and directing business strategies for advertising, implementing various advertisement campaigns, and overseeing different advertising departments. Also, this manager deals with budgets and analytics on a continual basis.vii

6. Project Manager

A talented project manager will be effective in coordinating internal resources and third party vendors and suppliers for the execution of events, conferences, and/or projects. He/she ensures all projects are executed within certain parameters, time, budget and scope. The project manager is responsible for managing changes from the inauguration to execution of a project, performing risk management all along the way. A detailed analysis will also be kept.viii

7. Entrepreneurship

According to Stever Robbins, in the Harvard Business Review, "the entrepreneur is the de facto CEO." Below Robbins uses these points to describe the role of the CEO, especially in the trendy start-up scene.

  • Strategy Setting: Responsible for establishing the company’s vision
  • Team Building: In charge of aligning the minds
  • Setting Culture: Creating the personality of the company
  • Communicating: From the bottom to the top from employees to stakeholders
  • Building the Income Machine: Raising capital until the business is self-sustaining
  • Allocating Resources: What comes in will go out, and these finances need to be invested with the company interest at the forefrontix

Our advice, take your time, explore your options, discover where your interests lie, then take the next step. Stand out from the crowd, distinguish yourself and you will see your career in business take off.

Have you been sold? Does one of the above business administration careers sound enticing?

Many factors will play into your career decision, but consider this question as you evaluate the possibilities. In the global business world what will give you a competitive advantage over your peers? What course of study covers a range of emphases in business? Rather than being an expert in accounting alone, why not have a full understanding of the financial department, elevating your marketability and making you more applicable for upper level or executive positions.

Gain experience and diversify yourself. Business administration may have a career focus i.e. finance or marketing, but it is important, at the same time, to be a well-rounded manager. Various universities will offer different specialties. Chose a university that offers more than just a degree. At GBSB Global Business School, our students are our biggest asset, and we prepare each and every student for their individual career through internship placements, training and networking. Not to mention studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain also has its perks.

According to the Graduate Management Admission Council, more than half of prospective MBA students globally look for study abroad master’s degree programs. Being exposed to different nationalities and ethnicities help students understand and interact in a global market.x Whether you are an undergrad or a master’s student, this is good insight. Studying abroad is an ideal way to not only grow personally, having to adapt to a new culture, but it shows potential employers you take initiative, you have courage, you embrace challenge and you value diversity.

Studying abroad in Barcelona is an affordable option when compared to other European cities. The cost of living doesn’t have the same price tag as say Paris, London or Rome, but the same vibrant international lifestyle exists. Professors and staff from around the globe converge at GBSB Global Business School to offer students a unique experience you may not have access to when studying in your home country. Our advice, take your time, explore your options, discover where your interests lie, then take the next step. Stand out from the crowd, distinguish yourself and you will see your career in business administration take off.

By Emily Dawn Szajda, GBSB Content Manager

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