6 Hot Independent Fashion Designers in Barcelona

Are you looking for that unique piece that is not only an expression of your personality, but has its own story to tell? Barcelona is the place to find rare pieces, often hand-crafted or designed locally by artists, designers and architects that are invested in the city and share their unique creative pieces with a worldwide audience.

Barcelona is on the rise, becoming one of the world’s newly acclaimed fashion capitals. Desigual has been the flagship pathing the way in the industry, but there are a wide variety of noteworthy independent designers that call Barcelona home and have an inspiring international presence.

Tucked away amongst the maze of small alleyways and pedestrian streets of Born, Gotico, Raval, Gracia and Poble Sec, these ornately decorated boutiques offer a range of vintage, artisan, fresh, young, and funky independent labels.

Looking for that one piece that will remind you of your time here in Barcelona? Don’t wait! Start exploring the racks and try on some the best this city has to offer. Step out onto the global stage with a one-of-a-kind look and get noticed!

Check out these hot designer fashions.

1. Ailanto

Founded by twin brothers, Iñaki and Aitor Muñoz in 1995, these Barcelona designers crafted a brand known for their use of exciting fabrics, exquisite use of color, and geometric shapes. They have become internationally recognized with only two very exclusive boutiques located in Barcelona and Madrid.

2. Zazo & Brull

An exclusive women’s brand founded by Xavier Zazo & Clara Brull became renown in 2003 after the designer’s international debut in Tokyo. Their clothes are meant for "a woman with a personality, clear ideas and she doesn’t care about being different from the rest". They only have one boutique, located in Barcelona, and they only produce their clothing collections exclusively from the intuitive craftsmanship found in Spanish workshops. Working closely with only local designers and artists gives the line an edgy look that can’t be replicated. Working with a wide variety of artists also gives the clothing an intriguing meaning and a story line to compliment the brand.

3. Natalie Capell

Opened in 2002, Natalie Capell, born in Israel to a Catalan father came to Spain and started her very own atelier. Capell is stimulated by philosophies of women’s liberation and emancipation, and draws inspiration from the 1920’s, its classic charm and unrequited elegance– an era of grace and sophistication. Antique lace and transparent materials are common attributes accentuating her designs. Her tiny, yet luxurious boutique is found in the depths of the highly trafficked Gotico quarter.

4. Ivori

This fashion line was contrived from a group of young Catalan designers. They produce everything from shoes to clothing and accessories. Their designs are inspired by vintage clothes and offers pieces that are not only attractive, but accessible and original. Located in the highly popular and tourist friendly barrio, El Born, you don’t want to miss this fun, funky, young style that is only found exclusively in Barcelona.

5. Koetánia

A contemporary jewelry shop opened by Daniel Bellido, the designer and Marta S. Blanco, the architect. This tailor-made boutique offers fine pieces off modern jewelry that tell a unique story. The founders take you, the customer on a journey and want you to help them design or inspire your piece. Their Barcelona shop is located in the Poble Sec neighborhood, where you can watch these individuals construct their designs through a glass window in the back of their shop. It is a truly an awe-inspiring experience that will leave a lasting memory.

6. Rebel Root

This is an extraordinary Barcelona brand that does not rely on a brick and mortar shop to gain notoriety. Marketing their social and environmental friendly clothing line on the web has been a huge success. With a small team of artist and designers, Rebel Root, unlike big name brands takes the time to make certain that the profits made from sales go back to those individuals that made them on the production line. A conscientious shopping experience for those more mindful about the clothes they wear.

Look at any one of these designer shops in Barcelona for a memorable piece

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Written by Emily Dawn Szajda, GBSB Content Manager

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