Which MBA Type is Right for You? On-campus, Blended Learning or Online

Studying for your MBA is only one decision among a host of many more. The next question you may ask yourself is where, but even then, there are more choices. From studying on campus to engaging in an online program, GBSB Global Business School excels at providing students with the most competitive MBA program available today.

The quality of education is the corner stone, and GBSB Global has that covered with an esteemed international faculty. Now the question is, how do you learn best? Have you ever thought about it?

Do you like being in the front row ready to ask questions or do you feel more comfortable and prepared going at your own pace with an online program? Whatever your needs are, we have an MBA that is right for you.

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There is something to be said about studying on-campus. There is an energy about it. Being surrounded by like-minded peers, inspired by professors and engaging in a host of academic and social activities, there are so many reasons studying in person makes sense. Are you looking for the full collegiate experience? These are some of the main reasons students prefer to attend a brick and mortar institution.

Find Your Tribe
From day one at orientation until graduation you foster a community of individuals that not only become your professional network but lifelong friends. GBSB Global hosts an array of events that bring students together outside the classroom on campus to bolster comradery and the exchange of ideas and experiences.

Built in Structure
Studying on-campus does provide students with the most coordinated schedule. Attendance is of vital importance pushing students to be on time and prepared for every class.

Dialogue with Professors
Get real time answers to your questions. Sitting in class, students can ask questions, voice concerns and find clarity on the subject matter being discussed. Students can speak to professors before or after class if more attention is needed.

Embracing diversity is second nature. On-campus students interact with their peers from across the globe. This face-to-face communication enhances students’ cultural empathy and acts as a field practice simulating conversations taking place in business around the world.


MBA Online Learning


Studying online has gained enormous popularity over the last decade. With the pace of living increasingly accelerating, finding a solution to meet the demands of our schedule is often needed. If you are juggling many activities at the moment from continuing to work full time to raising kids, studying for your MBA online may be the exact solution you are looking for. Here are some amazing advantages to earning your MBA online.

The biggest advantage to studying online is that you decide when you want to study. At distance learning caters to those students that live abroad or are juggling professional activities while completing their coursework.

While having flexibility is great, it does take motivation to sit down and study. Meeting deadlines is a responsibility that rests solely on the student. While those on-campus have weekly reminders voiced in class, students that study remotely need to keep a detailed timeline. Studying online pushes students to be self-motivated, a great attribute in business.

Diversity is Magnified
GBSB Global Business School is special in the sense that it draws students from every corner of the world to its campuses in Barcelona and Madrid. While studying in person may be the right course for some, don’t fret about missing out. Our campuses are diverse and so are our online programs. Our innovative MBA appeals to professionals everywhere. With accessible functionality and the ease of flexibility, more and more students are opting to stay in their home country and tune in remotely making every virtual classroom a melting pot of ideas and insight.

Tech Focused
Staying digitally connected is the way in which business is headed. Everything can happen online from networking and marketing to closing the deal. Why should your education be any different? Studying online is for those individuals who are tech savvy. If you want to be competitive in digital business, why not start with an MBA program online?


MBA Blended Learning

Blended Learning

It’s all about compromise. Are you the type that wants the best of both worlds, to be digitally connected and have that comfort of studying in a physical classroom, able to shake hands with the students sitting next to you? Blended learning offers you the opportunity to take advantage of both the on-campus and online modules.

Investing in blended learning may be the best option for those students that want to capitalize on tech but still want to have an institution to attend for regular classes. Students today that graduate in this blended learning environment are highly marketable because they have adapted to both forms of education.

Maintain some flexibility. You don’t have to have discipline all of the time. Attending classes online and in person give you some freedom to continue with your professional activities but still feel connected physically to the business school.

Professors have a wide range of avenues in which to teach. Utilizing the latest media and methodologies, GBSB Global is literally changing the way in which business is taught. Presenting material in a wide variety of modes appeals to a range of students and their learning preferences. Blended learning offers students only the best approaches when it comes to education.

Whatever your decision you can rest assured that you are in good hands at GBSB Global Business School. Want to learn more about what we offer and how we can support you and your academic goals, contact one of our admissions specialists today!

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