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full time - 15 months
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Flexible 24/7 Studies
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€ 8,750*
(up to 40% scholarships granted by the Financial Aid Committee)

*an additional annual administrative fee (950 EUR) and registration fee (200 EUR) must be paid.

Online Master In Business Administration

MBA online program is a customizable, interactive, 15-month program designed for students from around the world, busy young professionals, frequent business travelers, and working parents who want to enhance their career prospects or advance in their profession but need the flexibility and customization not offered by on-campus Master in Business Administration programs.

Thanks to its advanced teaching methods and openness to the revolution of Industry 4.0 and AI, our online MBA program is considered one of the most innovative today, perfectly suited to the business needs of a revolutionary era of digitalization, disruptive innovation and internationalization. A distinctive feature of GBSB Global's online MBA program is the integration of a practical project that spans the duration of the program. This project provides students with invaluable real-world experience and enhances their problem-solving skills, making them highly sought after by employers.

In 2023 GBSB Global's online MBA program was listed in the 11th annual QS Online MBA Rankings and marked as one of the best and top-ranked online MBA programs in Europe. For the fifth year in a row, the GBSB Global MBA has also been recognized as Tier One in the CEO Magazine Global MBA Rankings and European MBA Rankings.

Higher Education Program: Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Accreditation Status: An officially recognized qualification awarded by GBSB Global Business School, licensed as Higher Education Institution by the Malta Further & Higher Education Authority (License number: 2020-012).

MQF/EQF Level: MFHEA deems this qualification to be at Level 7 of the Malta Qualifications Framework and the European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning.

Number of ECTS Credits: 90 ECTS

Rankings, Accreditations And Partnerships

Online MBA forbes ranking image
Listed among the Best Business School in Spain by Forbes - TOP 10
Online MBA CEO magazine 2022 ranking image
Recognized as a Tier One MBA in the Global and European MBA Rankings 2022 by CEO Magazine
Online MBA ECBE rankings image
Accredited by the Malta Further & Higher Education Authority (MFHEA)
Online MBA ranked at QS Top MBA image
The online MBA program is ranked 20th in the world by QS Top MBA (2023)

Discover The Impact Of Gbsb Global Online Mba On Students' Careers

Nada Khaddage Soboh, Professor at GBSB Global Online Campus, explains some of the benefits of our top-ranked online MBA program:

"Online programs offer several advantages, such as the availability of recorded courses that students can access on a specific online platform. In addition, virtual sessions are conducted throughout the program. GBSB Global provides continuous academic support to its students, with faculty guiding them through the platform and answering their questions promptly.

Being part of a community with students from all over the world provides the opportunity to both teach and learn by sharing ideas and knowledge from different cultures, backgrounds and experiences. Ongoing graduation events, celebrations, and the ability to follow global success stories make this experience very rewarding."

Program Highlights

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Innovative electives focused on the digital economy
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Cutting-edge MBA curriculum designed for the modern business landscape
Online MBA icon 3
Highly experienced faculty with a wealth of industry knowledge
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State-of-the-art facilities and technology to enhance your learning experience
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Extensive networking opportunities with industry leaders
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A supportive and inclusive learning environment that fosters personal and professional growth
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Practical, hands-on approach to learning through real-world case studies and projects

Program Structure

At GBSB Global, we offer an online MBA that prepares students for the rapidly evolving business landscape and equips them with the agility needed to lead teams in a hybrid work environment.

GBSB Global's program is specifically designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, competencies, and strengths necessary to navigate and excel in the era of Business 4.0, that is why our curriculum delves into areas such as business innovation, the digital ecosystem, artificial intelligence (AI), emotional leadership, and neuromarketing.

Carefully designed MBA program and the latest technological advances will help students to stay in touch with our internationally renowned professors and instructors and gain access to an online platform where they receive course materials, explanations, and recordings, while also having the opportunity to seek clarification, engage in discussions with peers, and professors.

Online Mba Program In A Brief

Induction Weeks (2 Weeks)

International Week: Leadership Through Simulation
PR: Risk Management Workshops for Top Management
Global Scenario: Where are we heading to


Mastering Business at Every Level: Strategic, Operational, and Tactical

Accounting and Reporting Analysis (8 ECTS)
Financial Planning (8 ECTS)
Business Analytics for Decision-Making (6 ECTS)


Exploring and Implementing Adaptive Multi-Dimensional Business Models

Business Innovation and Digital Ecosystem (6 ECTS)
Corporate Strategy (6 ECTS)
Economics for Business (6 ECTS)


Methodology and tools of Business Agility

Supply Chain and Operations Strategy (6 ECTS)
Marketing and International Positioning (6 ECTS)
Leadership, Human Resources, and Organization (6 ECTS)


Engaging in a Real Project for Practical Solutions

Project Management in Action (Consulting Project) (8 ECTS)

In this module, students work in teams to help solve real business problems for real organizations or existing well-known companies (clients). Students work on a specific consulting project through which they learn business and project management methodologies and tools, examine the key challenges facing an organization, and apply this knowledge to make informed decisions. These consulting projects help students increase their practical experience before graduation, expand their professional network, and enhance their long-term career opportunities.

Please download the Course Outline below for full program details including module learning outcomes, learning hours, teaching, learning and assessment methods, grading system and pass rates.

Enhance Your Online MBA with a Tailored Elective Track for Personalized Growth

  1. Online Master of Business Administration Artificial Intelligence image

    Artificial Intelligence and the Future (ONLINE)

    Key Topics:

    AI for business Application

    Strategy Change and Transformation

    Competing in the Cyberspace

  2. Online MBA strategy image

    Sustainability and Governance (ONLINE)

    Key topics:

    Circular economy

    SmartCity management 3.0

    AI for management and Infrastructure development

  3. Online MBA competing image

    Consumer Experience in the Digital Environment (ONLINE)

    Key Topics:

    Innovation and Brand Building

    Consumer Behavior and User Experience (UX)


Leverage your studies to improve business skills and networking


A simulation replicates real-world experiences so students can practice in a risk-free environment. Empower students - By taking control of a business, students see and understand how a company works from top to bottom.


During your MBA Program, you will visit several multinational and start-up companies, business incubators and organizations of various kinds. You will also meet key people from various industries. This will help you understand how professionals do business in the real world.


Our MBA Program includes career assessment workshops, access to career fairs, and company presentations to guide your professional journey. You'll also benefit from our career portal, offering internships and job opportunities. An optional internship feature allows for practical experience, enhancing your academic learning and career prospects.

Highlight Your Business and Management Skills with an Extensive Capstone Case Study

Leadership And Entrepreneurial Final Project (10 ECTS)

The Final Cases (Capstone) assignment is designed to be a comprehensive and multifaceted culmination of the MBA student's academic and intellectual journey. This assignment is of significant importance given the nature of the MBA Program and the students' individual decision to complete their studies by selecting one of the three elective modules offered. Through the Capstone module, students have the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in their chosen elective module, together with the core courses of their MBA Program, to analyze a specific problem within a case study.

Want to know more about our Online MBA program?

Learning Objectives

Business Management Highlights

Earn an Online Master's degree in Business Administration and gain a deep understanding of the transformative impact of disruptive technologies on business management. Learn how innovative managers seek creative solutions that push boundaries and achieve progress beyond the ordinary.

Gaining a Comprehensive Understanding of the Modern World

As globalization intensifies, businesses are becoming more interconnected than ever. Earn an Online Master's degree in Business Administration and understand the impact of the global economic environment on financial markets and commerce around the world.

Master the Art of Entrepreneurship and Resource Management

Develop a growth mindset based on design thinking, agile methodologies, and mind mapping. Study case studies and learn how to effectively manage resources to optimize business operations. Earn an Online Master's degree in Business Administration and gain in-demand entrepreneurial skills.

Enhance Communication Skills in modern Business Environment

Communicating effectively with diverse groups in a variety of settings is essential for success in today's business environment. Earn an Online Master's degree in Business Administration and improve your communication skills. Develop the ability to provide exceptional customer service and train teams to follow your lead.

Elevate your leadership skills to new heights

Earn a Master's degree in Business Administration and develop the competencies you need to succeed in today's business arena. Learn how to lead teams across borders, communicate effectively, make presentations, and negotiate.

Shape your future with a deep understanding of business structure and ethics

Organizational structures vary from company to company, and each communicates its ethical policies differently. Earn an Online Master's degree in Business Administration and gain a solid understanding of the basic principles. Learn how to effectively communicate ethical standards to employees to build loyalty and commitment.

Career Opportunities

The GBSB Global MBA is tailored to suit the individual professional goals and personal interests of each student, avoiding a standardized approach. Our program encourages graduates to take bold steps, establish a strong network, enhance leadership and cross-cultural communication skills, and apply their extensive knowledge to lead in any organization. With our Online MBA degree, students can confidently acquire the mindset, strengths, and experience required to succeed in their chosen career field.

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Career Impact

Online MBA career impact image

Positions – Salaries

of GBSB Global graduates acquired upper, senior, or executive management positions after graduation
indicated a salary increase within a year after graduation
of graduates increased their professional responsibilities to a certain degree after graduation


Financial Controller

A Financial Controller is a key role within an organization responsible for overseeing and managing the financial operations and reporting processes. They play a critical role in ensuring the accuracy, integrity, and compliance of financial information and in maintaining the financial stability and sustainability of an organization. Their expertise in financial management, reporting, and analysis ensures accurate financial information, effective risk management, and informed decision making at all levels of the organization.


Accounting Manager

The Accounting Manager oversees financial operations, including budgeting, financial reporting, and ensuring compliance. They supervise the accounting team, review financial statements, and analyze data to provide insight for decision making. They collaborate with other departments to streamline processes, implement internal controls, and support strategic planning.


Management Consultant

A Management Consultant provides expert advice and guidance to help organizations improve performance and efficiency. They analyze business processes, identify problems, and develop strategic solutions. They work closely with clients to understand their goals and make recommendations for organizational changes, operational improvements, and growth strategies. They also help implement and monitor these changes to ensure their effectiveness.


Project Manager

A Project Manager is responsible for planning, organizing, and overseeing the execution of projects. They define project goals, set timelines, allocate resources, and manage budgets; collaborate with cross-functional teams, assign tasks, and monitor progress; improve effective communication, manage risks, and resolve issues to ensure that projects are completed successfully, within scope, and on time to meet organizational goals and stakeholder expectations.


Business Development Manager

A Business Development Manager identifies and explores new business opportunities for an organization. They research market trends, analyze customer needs, and develop strategic plans to expand the company's customer base and revenue streams. They also build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders, negotiate partnerships, and oversee the implementation of growth initiatives.


Business Strategy Manager

A Business Strategy Manager develops and executes strategic plans to drive business growth and success. They analyze market trends, assess the competitive landscape, identify opportunities for expansion, and work closely with senior management to set goals, develop strategic initiatives, and oversee their implementation. Their role is critical in shaping the company's long-term vision and ensuring alignment between business objectives and market dynamics.


Product Manager

A Product Manager oversees the development and lifecycle of a product, from ideation to launch and beyond. They conduct market research, define product requirements, and work with cross-functional teams to deliver successful products. They prioritize features, gather customer feedback, and make data-driven decisions to drive product strategy and maximize customer value.


Sales Manager

A Sales Manager leads and manages a sales team, setting sales goals and developing strategies to achieve them. They monitor team performance, provide coaching and training, track sales metrics, and work with other departments to drive revenue growth, build customer relationships, and ensure customer satisfaction.


Operations Manager

An Operations Manager oversees the daily operations of a company, ensuring smooth and efficient processes. They manage resources, streamline workflows, optimize productivity, coordinate activities across departments, monitor performance metrics, and implement improvement initiatives. Their role is crucial in driving operational excellence, cost-effectiveness, and overall business performance.


Contract Manager

A Contract Manager is responsible for negotiating, drafting, and managing contracts within an organization. They ensure compliance with contract terms, mitigate risk, and resolve disputes. They collaborate with stakeholders, review contract terms and conditions, and maintain contract documentation. Their role is critical to protecting the organization's interests and ensuring effective contract management throughout the contract lifecycle.


Innovation Manager

An Innovation Manager fosters creativity and drives innovation within an organization. They identify new opportunities, generate innovative ideas, and lead the implementation of projects and initiatives; they collaborate with teams, conduct market research, and foster a culture of innovation. Their role is critical to driving growth, staying competitive, and managing change within the organization.


Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Manager

A Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Manager uses data to drive strategic decisions. They oversee data analysis, develop insights, and create meaningful reports and dashboards; collaborate with stakeholders, identify trends, and make actionable recommendations to optimize business performance. Their role is critical in leveraging data to uncover valuable insights and support data-driven decision making across the organization.


Entrepreneurial Project Manager

An Entrepreneurial Project Manager combines project management skills with an entrepreneurial mindset. They identify and evaluate new business opportunities, develop project plans, and execute initiatives to drive growth and innovation; manage risk, adapt to changing environments, and effectively leverage resources to deliver successful projects with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Master Profile

The Online MBA program offered by GBSB Global Business School provides professionals with the opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge in a flexible and convenient manner. By studying online, students can balance their studies with their professional and personal commitments, making it an ideal option for working professionals.

In terms of career outlooks, individuals with an MBA degree often have a competitive advantage in the job market. They are sought after by employers for their advanced knowledge and skills, as well as their ability to take on leadership roles.

General requirements:

  • Professionals with a Bachelor's degree at EQF Level 6;
  • Candidates with at least three years of relevant full-time work experience with strong, consistent career development and performance;
  • International students interested in expanding their networking opportunities;
  • Proficient in English.

Master's Program Duration: 4 Quarters = 1 Academic Year


To be qualified for admission to Online Master in Business Administration, you must meet one of the following entry profiles:

  • Bachelor's degree or a recognized equivalent at EQF/MQF Level 6 (minimum 180 ECTS) in Business, Social Science, or Business Studies;
  • Three years of relevant professional experience in the private and/or public sector or volunteering;
  • Applicants holding a Bachelor's degree or a recognized equivalent at EQF/MQF Level 6 (minimum 180 ECTS) not in Business-related studies are eligible to apply to the GBSB Global MBA program after successfully passing an internal admission test and presenting a motivational letter.

Proof of Proficiency in the English Language:

  • Native English speaker;
  • TOEFL - Minimum score: 213 (computer-based), 79/93 (internet-based), or 550 (paper-based);
  • IELTS - Minimum score: 6.5;
  • Cambridge ESOL, Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) - Minimum score: C1;
  • English as the language of instruction during previous studies in the formal educational system;
  • Internal English level testing at GBSB Global.
Application Fee
€ 100
Registration Fee 
€ 200
Administrative Fee 
€ 950
Tuition Fee for One Academic Year (90 ECTS Credits)
€ 8,750

A discount may be applied if the student chooses to pay in full at the time of program acceptance.

Failure to pay by the due date will result in a penalty fee of 5% of the remaining tuition. Program fees do not include accommodations, flights, insurance, or program materials. Students who wish to participate in Global Study Trips may do so for an additional fee.




Are you aspiring to become a global business leader? Do you dream of pursuing an MBA with an international perspective? GBSB Global Business School is delighted to offer prestigious scholarships for:


  • Global Excellent Leaders
  • Outstanding Women Leaders
  • Highly innovative candidates and entrepreneurs


Who aim to excel in the world of business.



The MBA Scholarships are designed to support promising individuals seeking to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at GBSB Global Business School, one of the premier institutions in international business and management education.

As an MBA scholarship recipient at GBSB Global, you'll have access to a world-class education that emphasizes innovation, leadership, and global awareness. We believe that by fostering your growth as a future global business leader, we contribute to the international business landscape.

This scholarship opportunity is available for admitted MBA candidates and it's valid for both; definite and conditional admitted candidates (those who still have some documents pending to complete their admission application).

The scholarship award process is ongoing if there are funds available from the Foundation. In this regard, we recommend that candidates apply several months in

advance to secure their scholarships and a spot in the desired intake on the campus where they will pursue their MBA.

You can apply for your scholarship within the same admission application.

In case of obtaining more than one type of scholarship, the most beneficial one for the candidate will be considered.

Scholarships are not cumulative.


To be eligible for this scholarship, you must meet the following criteria:

Eligible Countries: Open to applicants from around the world. No geographical restrictions.

MBA Program: Apply for the MBA program at GBSB Global, which is eligible for the MBA scholarship.

Tuition Fees: You should be liable to pay tuition fees at GBSB Global.

Work Experience: Demonstrate relevant work experience, reflecting your potential as a business leader.


The MBA Scholarship Does Not Cover:

  • Additional grants for family members.
  • Application fees to GBSB Global.
  • Changes to the MBA program awarded.
  • Extensions or alterations to the scholarship period.



A merit scholarship is typically awarded based on academic achievement (academic excellence) or extracurricular activities.

By applying for admission to GBSB GLOBAL, candidates are automatically considered for this merit-based award, and no scholarship application is required. Candidates who are nominated for this scholarship will be notified of their admission offer.

Amount: The amount awarded will vary depending on the candidate’s merit and available funding at the time of admission. The maximum % awarded will be 40%.



The scholarship is specifically designed for MBA women candidates from all nationalities who have demonstrated outstanding leadership skills throughout their professional lives.

Awarded based on talent and/or needs-based criteria.

Amount: The amount awarded will vary depending on the candidate´s profile and available funding at the time of admission. The maximum % awarded will be 30%.



The ideal candidate would be someone who has demonstrated strong leadership traits and innovative thinking during their professional lives and wants to motivate positive change in the community and business.

Amount: The amount awarded will vary depending on the candidate’s profile and available funding at the time of admission. The maximum % awarded will be 40%.