Life at GBSB Global Malta

A state-recognized institution in Malta, GBSB Global Business School offers marketing, innovation leadership, entrepreneurship, finance, and other management specialties to students from all over the world fully presented in English.

In Spain and Malta, GBSB Global is recognized as a Five Stars Business School for Internationalization and Diversity, Engagement and Teaching and Student Quality by QS Ranking System, certified by various international accrediting bodies.

Malta Campus facilities


GBSB Global sits in Birkirkara, the island's capital, in a busy environment with a variety of stores and public areas to explore. Students benefit from a peaceful study atmosphere and easy access to numerous essential resources thanks to the building's location on a quiet side street.


Birkirkara, which lies at the center of the island, is well-positioned for students to explore and soak in various areas of Malta and engage with their environment and community. GBSB Global’s campus incorporates a freestanding, private building with a lovely courtyard. Students are able to study in a peaceful setting that is equipped with all the conveniences necessary for comfortable learning and is conveniently located near many basic utilities.


Our business school in Malta is equipped with all the resources required for efficient instruction, including co-working areas and dynamic academic technology. A contemporary lobby serves as a welcoming space for students. The GBSB Global Business School in Malta nurtures group work and individual study on campus with its open courtyard and excellently equipped classrooms.

Why should you study in Malta?

In general, studying abroad has many advantages, but the location of your studies can also affect your capacity to develop professionally and how you view the world. Students travel to GBSB Global Malta to experience this small yet vibrant nation’s distinctive characteristics.

These are the top five factors that inspire students to study in Malta, whether they are looking for a thrilling experience or a welcoming environment for their educational journeys.

  1. Living in Malta: The advantages of island living are numerous. The lovely Mediterranean environment offers the ideal setting for nature lovers, from exciting outdoor events to regular open-air performances and concerts. Enjoy Paceville and St. Julian's' vibrant nightlife, where clubs of all types provide dancing and entertainment. Don't forget to try some of the local cuisine, which includes dishes like pastizzi and ftira bread. For sun-lovers, take advantage of the year-round beautiful weather!
  2. Excellent business opportunities: Malta is renowned as the fastest-growing economy in Europe. It is recognized as the first EU member state to regulate the blockchain and online gambling sectors. Many creative businesses call it home, making it the perfect location for young professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit.
  3. English–speaking locals: Maltese and English are the two official languages, so it's normal to hear English on the street. And of course, English is the universal business language so no better place to prepare for global business.
  4. Safe and friendly: Locals are laidback, generous and genuinely sincere about welcoming and assisting visitors. The island is one of the most secure locations in the world for international students.
  5. Historical sights: The little but beautiful island of Malta is packed with fascinating places to see. The island has been impacted by several cultures throughout history, both ancient and modern. For an engaging day out, visit the fort at Valletta or the ancient city of Mdina, the centre of Maltese royalty. Malta attracts both history buffs and sun worshipers, thanks to its picturesque island life, World Heritage Sites and some of the oldest buildings in the world.
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