Become a Voice of Change and Innovation in Communications

GBSB Global’s MA in Communications and Future Marketing program offers students a comprehensive education graduating students capable of being effective and highly successful in today’s fast-paced world of business. Communications students become proficient at learning the ways in which to plan and launch an integrated, multi-faceted, innovative communication and marketing campaign globally.

Meet with leading markets experts!

We combine theoretical knowledge with practical exercises: our students meet with a leading communication experts in Spain. For example, Ben Walker, CEO of the Zoom Agency, spoke to our MA in Communications and Future Marketing students about various strategies used in marketing today, how they are dissimilar, and what students need to consider to efficiently manage companies’ social media platforms. This sneak peak into the field of communications, like many others organized by GBSB Global, gives students the opportunity to gain insider knowledge, in addition to the chance to network with leaders in the industry.

Start your career!

While making connections is a key factor in maneuvering the job market, GBSB Global and its Career Services goes one step farther and has launched a brand-new career portal which is user-friendly and results driven. This caliber of software is expected to increase students and graduates access and exposure to potential employers. The Career Services department also offers students Tet-a-Tet career sessions helping individuals with their future ambitions.

That is not the only way GBSB Global invests in its students.

Improve hard skills!

GBSB Global Business School offers its students access to Power-user SaS, a platform that provides the tools to make eye-catching, professional presentations throughout their program of study. This is a newly founded collaboration with a Paris-based company. From homework to business, students can work with one of the most advanced programs on the market, totally transforming the way students use the Microsoft Suite.

This offering is only one of many technological advancements made available to students, empowering them with the knowledge of industry software that will ultimately make them more marketable to future employers.

Our renowned, international faculty with years of industry experience help students discover their own innate talents and hone the skills necessary to make their mark. From personal branding to emerging technologies, students will graduate competent and prepared to step out into the ever evolving world of communications.

Do you see yourself working with trends in technology catering to a new fledged, 21st century consumer? Arm yourself with a degree from GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona or Madrid and set yourself on course to be a highly successful communications and marketing leader.

Lock in your seat in the program today! New tuition fees for this program start October 2019 and will be priced at 9 900 Euros. These prices will begin as of January 1st 2019. Until then, our previous tuition prices will be in effect for the October 2019 intake. The current prices are also being applied to the April 2019 intake as well.

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