Will Online Education Administration be in Demand in the Future?

The COVID-19 pandemic has redefined the education system. Digital education administration has for some become the new norm they have had to adapt to with short notice, but for many institutions who have already established online classes in place, they are expanding their offerings to meet the demand.

The impact of the global health crisis will serve to transform the education system for the foreseeable future and this is can be seen as a good thing, opening up a new career field for those interested in education administration and taking it online. While much is uncertain as it relates to the economy and the job market and what it will look like in three to six months, let alone a year, we can highlight a number of consequences that graduates and job seekers need to consider when they are considering their next career move:

  • Apart from essential, front-line workers like doctors, emergency response personnel, grocery store employees, online businesses and delivery drivers, the job market has crashed and will not immediately bounce back.
  • Competition will increase for available jobs with applicants needing to distinguish their skill sets through online trainings, degrees, and applicable experience.
  • Interviews will be conducted virtually and will require individuals to present themselves differently than one might in person.
  • Degrees will be important but so will demonstrable skills, including such soft skills as adaptability, resilience, teamwork, and the ability to communicate effectively on digital platforms in addition to the traditional physical environment.

Research taken from the 2008 recession suggests that these difficulties will have a bearing on today’s graduates for some years, resulting in higher rates of underemployment and unemployment, and lower earnings even when employed. Thus, it is a vital necessity that students make the effort to compete and be viable in this new marketplace and look for careers that become available due to innovation and adaptation of old systems to meet the current demand.

While students may find online classes familiar, it is less likely that they have not considered working in online school administration before now. This realm of employment is a byproduct of the current situation and will force many brick and mortar institutions to rely more heavily on their online platforms for education.

Image about Online School Administration Leading Trend in Education

Why Online School Administration Will Become a Leading Trend in Education

Education administration employees work for public and private schools, school districts, colleges, and universities to plan, implement and oversee educational initiatives and policies. Administrators are also employed by private preschools, museums, and libraries to manage curricula and educational programs.

With social distancing becoming standard practice and the uncertainty of another wave of the pandemic in the fall, schools are likely to embrace digital technologies as a way of the future and will need professionals skilled in the online proficiencies of problem-solving, digital trouble shooting, online communication and collaboration to implement their programing. Competitive candidates will know how to lead teams and inspire remotely and can perform the traditional responsibilities of education administrators effectively online.

Image about responsibilities of education administrators online

Time is of the essence. New careers will manifest out of the despair the world has faced. We all know the power technology possesses to keep us virtually connected yet physically apart. The new normal will not look entirely like it did just a few short months ago and students need to plan accordingly. Jobs will be scarce. Employment in online education administration is a field that is growing. Gain the skills to lead the way. While systems have been in place, there is no time like the present to take online education to a higher level and become a leader in academic innovation.

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