Life at GBSB Global Madrid

The GBSB Global Business School in Madrid brings together students from all over the world to learn, grow and thrive as they aspire to their dream careers. With all courses delivered 100% in English, students may come from a global tapestry, but they learn to speak one universal language.

As students work towards graduation and launching their careers, they share an exciting flow of ideas and creativity, stimulating business concepts and ingenuity.

The Madrid campus of GBSB Global Business School is situated in la zone universitaria, the heart of the Spanish city, making it the ideal location for living, socializing, learning and sightseeing.

Madrid Campus facilities


GBSB Global Madrid is the perfect place to study, situated in a lovely and peaceful student neighborhood. The building itself is modern and comfortable, designed to promote a calm environment where students can focus wholly on their educational goals.


The Madrid location of the business school is equipped with all the spoils of contemporary technology and equipment to ensure that students enjoy the best of all things digital. Facilities include computers and spaces for individual work, print and copy services, vending machines and free Wi-Fi.

Study space

Students can take advantage of computer stations and beautifully designed personal and collaborative work places on campus to feel right at home outside of the classroom.


Our classrooms have been named after prominent influential historical personalities who have inspired excellence, like Darwin and Galileo Galilei. We also have a number of co-working spaces and creativity-enabled classrooms to facilitate hands-on experiments. A typical class incorporates lecture, experiments, discussion questions, visualizations, and pencil-and-paper exercises.

Finding accommodation abroad

Take pleasure in living in a modern, vast city with a rich history and the attraction of the majestic capital. Madrid is the ideal combination of leisure, culture, and business thanks to its scenic boulevards, historic architecture, numerous cultural and social attractions, and emphasis on sports and entertainment. Get to know the Madrilenos, or residents, to learn about the city's warm, genuine character and distinctive cultural features, such as the native Castilian Spanish. For accommodation, GBSB Global has teamed up with a variety of local service providers to make it easier for you to locate your perfect home overseas.

How can students from Madrid prepare for the current market demands?

Madrid offers a wide range of social and professional advantages that can prepare you for the current job market, regardless of your concentration, from fashion to finance, a BA, MA, or MBA. A diversified community of business creators, experts, legislators, entrepreneurs and inventors are happy to call Madrid home and enjoy the benefits of its central location and thriving entrepreneurial flair.

Pursue a dream career

The QS World University Rankings places GBSB Global Business School amongst some of the top business schools in the world.

Today's business is all about fostering your inner entrepreneur. Students at GBSB Global are encouraged to apply their theoretical knowledge in real-time while utilizing the abilities they have developed in the classroom. Students are introduced to a variety of start-ups and entrepreneurs at GBSB Global, which promotes a creative mentality and paves the way for new business opportunities.

Talented business experts with foreign experience and cultural sensitivity are in great demand as a result of today's globalized society. Spain is attracting companies from all around the world as one of the "fastest expanding economies in the EU." Thanks to this distinction, Madrid is the ideal place to launch your dream career.

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