Dispelling Myths: HR Will Become Obsolete in the Nearest Future

GBSB Global monitors trends in business, anticipating where demand may lie from products and services to company operations. With the popularization of remote work following the pandemic, the question arises - will HR become obsolete? The simple answer is no, but we need to look at how the industry is evolving to understand what HR professionals can expect in the future as working conditions continue to evolve.

While many employees have been working from home since the start of the pandemic, many have had a hard time adapting to distance work and the various tools it entails. From digital-tech fatigue to difficulties with maintaining clear communications, there is often a discord that underlies employee discontent. This is where Human Resources must be vigilant, monitoring how employees are handling their everyday tasks and keeping the workforce satisfied and productive, potentially mediating conflicts and misunderstandings. According to Gallup, experts in management consulting, when the workforce experiences high levels of engagement and they feel their employer is invested in them, performance is boosted. It is HR that is responsible for driving an aligned, purpose-driven culture where everyone feels inspired to work hard and thrive, making it a rather vital department to hold the organization together as one.

In the current period of transformation, moving from a centralized office environment to individual workspaces spread across the global map, HR has had to step up to provide virtual engagement tactics and look for innovative ways to keep remote employees invested. This includes putting into practice various co-working platforms and collaboration tools, as well as special employee events and meetings such as virtual happy hours and team building breakout sessions that might also include corporate wellness offerings. “Unique engagement strategies and additional benefits spearheaded by HR make workers feel a part of the greater whole, aligned with the company’s values and mission.” [i]

Not only does HR lead the way in creating an inclusive workplace environment where everyone feels committed, it is also tasked with recruiting skilled employees with like-minded attributes that can be onboarded remotely from any corner of the world given the new reality. Looking for digital competencies and an innovative, growth mindset, HR professionals are seeking talent with specialized skills to integrate easily into the company’s digitalized environment.

It is clear that even though some companies may feel fragmented given the new, unusual setting, the demand for HR professionals has never been greater. Outside of a company’s CEO or founder setting the tone, the Human Resources department is tasked with leading the way, making sure that the employee workforce has the proper tools, support, and culture in place to be effective. Remote work is here to stay, and HR is the glue keeping everyone working together effectively.

Do you have what it takes to connect people at distance and look out for others, while helping them resolve issues and more? Interested in becoming one of these in-demand digital-HR professionals or career coaches? Enter a career that is not only challenging but highly rewarding, looking at new ways to keep businesses moving forward smoothly, creating a real social change. Explore our Master in Human Resources and Talent Development program online or in person on our Malta, Barcelona or Madrid campuses.

[i]March 2, 2021, How Remote Work is Changing the World of Human Resources, Pacific Oaks College, https://www.pacificoaks.edu/voices/business/how-is-remote-work-changing-the-world-of-human-resources


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