What Jobs Can I Get with a Communications Degree?

You can probably imagine having a degree in communications means companies from a wide spectrum of industries will be vying for your application. Opportunities will abound, but do you really know what is actually in store after graduation? What job prospects are available with a communications degree?

Students who study communications do not only learn how to be good communicators, but they also develop a broad set of skills from public speaking and writing, to negotiating and debating. Communication serves as the very foundation to our human existence. It contributes to our cultures, economies, and languages- everything is based solely on the characters and symbols we acknowledge have meaning. For this reason, the study of communications can encompass other disciplines such as sociology, psychology, economics, philosophy, etc.

Having a communications degree allows you a variety of choices, and this flexibility can make a career in communications very attractive and interesting. Looking into the future, communications majors will play a vital role in the evolution of new media platforms as this generation switches from traditional media channels, like newspapers, television, and magazines to more dynamic digital and online media platforms. This is a key reason, studying communications in college is becoming ever more popular than before.

These are a few examples of what kind of jobs you can expect to find with a communication degree in the current market.

Careers with a communications degree in digital media involve utilizing news sites, social networking channels and digital technology to further the agenda of a brand, company, or concept

Digital Media

Careers in digital media involve utilizing news sites, social networking channels and digital technology to further the agenda of a brand, company, or concept. Professionals here must have impeccable communication skills, a deep understanding of digital marketing and must be proficient in the realm of technologically. Digital media careers incorporate aspects of journalism, social media, analytics, marketing initiatives, research, and visual design.

Public Relations

Professionals working in public relations must be able to continually manage and improve the image of a company or individual private client. This means using an integrated marketing campaign to improve the branding, messaging and market positioning of the company or concept. Positions in PR firms require advanced skills in public speaking, writing, negotiation and crisis management.

Market Research Analysis

Market research analysis is responsible for the improvement of a product or service, the advancement to new markets, or the targeting of a new consumer base. Outcomes as such, are reached by meticulous market research, consumer segmentation, and the dissemination of questionnaires, surveys, and other methods of consumer-brand feedback.


Advertising incorporates both facets of marketing - creativity and sales. Professionals in advertising create everything from visual marketing campaigns to memorable commercials, as well as conducting research to determine new methods of reaching existing and potential markets and consumers. Fine-tuned communication skills are necessary in advertising, as the right messages need to be developed to deliver the correct image of a brand or concept.

Human Resources

Human resource professionals are responsible for designing and implementing marketing and communication strategies that will support the business model and strategy of a brand. Working in a human resources department requires excellent communication skills. As representatives of the company or organization, they act as the liaison between workers and management in day to day operations, times of change, growth & development, as well as troubleshooting issues and company turnover.

Event Planning

Event planning is a people-oriented profession in which advanced skills in communication and marketing are mandatory. Event planners must work with their clients – whether it be large corporations or for private parties – to develop their creative visions within defined time and budget parameters. This field requires a high level of interpersonal skills with all levels of management, as well as strong negotiation tactics and a deadline-oriented mindset.


A journalist is an individual who collects, writes, and/or distributes news or other current affairs information. A journalist can specialize on one subject area or work on more general projects.


Sales representatives are responsible for presenting, promoting and selling products/services using strong arguments with existing and prospective clients. To be successful, sales reps perform cost-­benefit and needs analysis of existing/potential consumers in order to identify and meet their needs. A big part of this position involves establishing, developing, and maintaining constructive business and customer relations.


Recruiters, also known as corporate recruiters and internal recruiters, are responsible for leading the staffing efforts of a company or organization and building a solid workforce that adds value to the company’s bottom line. These talented and often highly educated human resource professionals possess knowledge of employment and labor law regarding both the industry and government defined regulations. In addition, these individuals have a deep understanding of the organization and its staffing needs, and maintain strong interpersonal and communication skills.


Students who decide to major in communication have a spectacular range of top earning positions in media, the arts, marketing, public relations, journalism, and a variety of other industries across the globe.

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