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Did you know that student exchange programs date back to the early 1900s? The Institute of International Education (IIE) was formed in the aftermath of the first World War with the motivation of promoting understanding amongst countries. In the 1920s, the IIE campaigned for the U.S. government to give international students non-immigrant visas. And so was born the proud tradition of student exchange programs.

Choosing to visit a new university, city and country as an exchange student is a unique milestone in a student’s life. It may not suit everyone, but for those who choose to do so, it can be the opportunity of a lifetime.

Go outside your comfort zone

Imagine coming from a small town and getting to live in a bustling city. Or, going from a noisy city life to an island setting where you can pursue your studies surrounded by tranquility and calm. The ability to go from one extreme to another is a big advantage of being an exchange student. It’s an opportunity to shake up the norm and venture out of your comfort zone to challenge yourself in a new environment. It’s a chance to become more independent, see a different part of the world and learn essential life skills, like resiliency and self-regulation. Which are all good traits that you can take straight into the workplace too!

Build an international network

Expanding your employment opportunities is another reason to consider an exchange program. At GBSB Global, exchange students have a myriad of opportunities to mingle with European industries and companies that they may otherwise not have access to. Exchange and visiting students are integral to the GBSB Global Business School community and we encourage a flow of talent, aiming to provide opportunities for networking with peers from different parts of the world, representing different backgrounds.

GBSB Global Business School follows the Bologna Process, which facilitates the mobility of students within Europe. Under the Bologna Process and a point system, known as the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), students are able to study at different European universities without the need of interrupting their undergraduate or graduate studies. However, we also have extensive experience in validating transcripts and processing applications of exchange students coming from non-European universities, or universities that do not follow ECTS.

Embrace different cultures

Perhaps you have wanted to learn Spanish or improve your English. Taking on the challenge of becoming a visiting student at GBSB Global puts you a step closer to accomplishing these goals. All GBSB Global programs are delivered fully in English, which is also the official language of Malta.

If you choose the GBSB Global Madrid or Barcelona campus, you will have easy access to interacting with locals to improve your Spanish. Furthermore, enjoying an exchange program in a foreign country affords you endless opportunities to absorb different cultures, perspectives and societal norms.

GBSB Global Exchange Student

Exchange students are those who participate in student exchange programs within an agreement established between GBSB Global Business School and partner universities around the world.

GBSB Global Visiting Student

Visiting students are those attending the business school either under a Letter of Permission from their home university, or those taking on GBSB Global courses independently for personal or professional reasons.


As an exchange student/visiting student you can study at GBSB Global for one term (three months), two terms (six months) or three terms (nine months or one academic year). If you are interested in taking individual courses with GBSB Global Business School, there is no time limit and you can take different courses from different terms.

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