What Careers Can You Achieve With a Digital Business Degree?

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Technology today demands a different type of business professional. It is not enough to be able to manage a brick and mortar establishment when so much of commerce has been taken online. In order for companies to stay competitive it has been imperative to advance their virtual presence and hire employees to fill digitals jobs capitalizing on their knowledge and talent in effectively managing social media networks, online promotions, online marketing, big data handling and analytics.

The role of digital has not only forced businesses to adapt to the changing of the times, but business schools have also had to implement programs that cater to the demand in the work force. That is why GBSB Global Business School is leading the way by offering an MSc in Digital Marketing in Barcelona, Madrid and online.

The Master in Digital Business is by far the most applicable master program for business professionals and graduates in the current tech based economy. GBSB Global incorporates a variety of teaching tools into the classroom in order to provide students with the most innovative experience today, from case studies to industrial visits, workshops and more – students will learn to become transformational in an age that sees new forms of technology go to market every 6 months or less. Earning a Master in Digital Business at GBSB Global prepares students for a career in digital that has a global vision. The role of digital is not isolated to one region. Earn a degree that has the potential to take you around the world.

What Careers in Digital Are Available Today?

Digital Business Analyst

Digital business analysts evaluate the web traffic their company receives. They study information associated to their industry in order to better understand what's happening in the market. Digital business analysts recommend how companies can increase business by providing applicable information and services to online customers. In some cases, digital business analysts may have their hands in on product development.

Digital Sales Manager

A digital sales manager is responsible for developing, implementing and managing sales objectives that support a company and its products and/or services. This individual plays a major role in increasing brand awareness within the digital realm in addition to driving website traffic and acquiring leads/customers.

Digital Media Director

Some may call this position a social media community manager for good reason, a digital media manager oversees a company’s digital media efforts, including websites and social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. The digital media director is accountable for creating and editing shareable content; determining which platform is most appropriate for each piece of content; building and managing social media profiles and presence; leading paid search and social campaigns and analyzing the performance of those campaigns; upholding brand uniformity across all platforms; measuring SEO configurations; monitoring analytics; handling the digital budget; and nurturing vendor relations.

Digital Strategy and eCommerce Director

The Digital Strategy and eCommerce Director is responsible for collaborating with cross-functional associates across the company, managing all facets of the eCommerce business, including content strategy and development, website design, business planning, web analytics and technologies.

Digital Brand Director

The digital brand manager is responsible for the consumer’s virtual experiences across the entire company and its operations. This individual helps a business drive growth in its brands and product lines by adapting traditional physical brand management processes to social media ones, and looking over swiftly changing digital segments like mobile apps, social media and Internet based marketing.

Digital Media Specialist

Digital media specialists serve as an extended limb of an organization, overseeing the advertising, promotions, marketing, public relations and information technology departments. Individuals working as digital media specialists have highly-specialized skills that focus on new media and technology. A digital media specialist employs design skills and technology to create content used in video production and on websites, as well as audio content, special effects, and animation.

What Are You Waiting For? Careers in Digital are Hot

Be a professional in demand by graduating from GBSB Global Business School with a Master in Digital Business. Program coursework is very extensive, covering topics like e-commerce, digital business model design, social networks, SEO/SEM strategies, web analytics, mobile marketing and more, all preparing students with the capacities to enter the digital world with assertiveness and competence. Become a leader in an industry that will chart the way of business in the future.

Want to know more or sign up for the Master in Digital Business today? Don’t hesitate to contact one of our admissions managers. We look forward to helping you make the right venture in your career.

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