Online Learning: How Does it Work?

The world has been turned upside down with the appearance of the Coronavirus and has motivated education institutions to focus on online learning. Fortunately for GBSB Global, we are a veteran in online education, offering BBA, MSc, MA and MBA programs to students in Spain and around the world. Every degree program offered online is also offered in-person. What this means is that students who pursue an online education will be awarded the exact same distinguished degree as though they were on campus.

Combining education with work, school, and travel

While many countries’ have required their citizens to practice social distancing and have confined many to their individual homes, there is no time like the present to invest in your own growth and development. Utilizing this “downtime” may be just what you need to come out ahead. No doubt the effects of this pandemic will be felt across the globe. Our world economy is already struggling to cope with entire societies in isolation and it will be important to arm yourself with the knowledge and skills to be competitive in the new world in which we will enter on the other side of this horrific disease.

Investing in your education will set you apart in what will be a highly competitive employment market. Online learning offers you the flexibility you need at this moment to complete your degree. From working at home to balancing your professional responsibilities, online learning is self-paced and can be completed on your schedule.

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What does the online classroom look like?

Our respected faculty teach both online and on-campus courses and are professionals in their respective fields. Coming from around the globe, they bring a wealth of knowledge to the realm of online learning. This diversity is a differentiator and sets GBSB Global apart from other online degree programs.

The online classroom functions very similar to in-person classes and students can expect to participate in prerecorded lectures, group tasks, Skype sessions with our professors, simulation games, tests, and exams.

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We are a Microsoft Showcase School

GBSB Global uses MS Teams by Microsoft. The software is easy to use and supports students’ learning. This list highlights what tools and capabilities students will be exposed to through the Microsoft platform.

  • GBSB Global has the capacity to create an unlimited amount of classes, discussion boards, and channels for online learning.
  • Professors have the ability to add students to different classes based on their program.
  • All materials including syllabi, lectures, articles, books, etc. will be uploaded to the platform for students.
  • A window for conversations/chats relevant to each course can be established. This allows the professor to direct all the members of a class to share thoughts and participate in discussions.
  • An assignment tab navigates students to assignments and quizzes. This section allows professors to assign grades and provide feedback to students directly.
  • A built-in plagiarism checker allows professors and students to receive a report concerning their work.
  • A business/meeting calendar is available to students and professors allowing them to schedule virtual conference calls.
  • A digital notebook allows students and professors to share notes and post questions.
  • Virtual live streaming is also available to professors and students based on the need to communicate in real-time.
  • Also, students have a navigation bar very similar to most social media platforms that allow students to easily manage their classes and their deliverables. These options include:
    • Update profile (picture, status, message, language, etc.)
    • Receive notifications which are received once any new assignment is uploaded
    • See assignments for all classes and check deadlines
    • Participate in private and group chats
    • View the list of classes
    • Calendar management
    • Ask for help feature

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GBSB Global is committed to offering a state-of-the-art online learning experience not only now when the world is seeking digital solutions for students to continue their education but beyond this time. We are a leader in innovative business development, changing the way in which it is taught in our modern world.

Equip yourself with the means to navigate this pandemic and come out ahead. It is of vital importance to follow government and health organization guidelines to stay inside, protecting yourself and others from spreading the coronavirus. Investing in your education will not only occupy your time wisely but will be the exact step forward in standing out among the competition vying for jobs after this storm has passed.

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