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Tailor BA Studies to Your Interests

One of the main advantages of GBSB Global’s Bachelor of Business Administration and Digital Innovation in Spain is the modular structure of the curriculum. This allows students to focus on the area of study they are most interested in while still obtaining a broad business perspective and being able to change from one field to another: from finance to marketing, from marketing to entrepreneurship. Students also study how business is conducted in different regions of the world and learn to develop greater cultural intelligence and awareness, effectively working with people from all around the globe.


Bachelor in Spain Listed as one of the Leaders in Global Education by Newsweek Magazine

Listed as one of the Leaders in Global Education by Newsweek Magazine

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Fully accredited by ASIC
Approved by Ofsted and an affiliate of ENQA

bachelor in Spain Awarded as a Five Stars Business School for Internationalization and Diversity

Awarded as a Five Stars Business School for Internationalization and Diversity

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Accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)


International students who study abroad at GBSB Global for their Bachelor of Business Administration and Digital Innovation in Spain learn how to be agile leaders and are versed in outcome-creating competencies. Through communication, international students acquire, develop and transform ideas and information learned in the classroom, and connect with others to share their ideas, express their perspective, advance their knowledge, and meet deadlines.


Geography of our Bachelor Students at GBSB Global


Hazem Serageldin, an avid football player transferred to GBSB Global Business School and chose our school because of its high ranking. As a Bachelor Transfer, GBSB Global answered all of Hazem’s questions and was able to transfer his credits fully on acceptance into the Bachelor in Spain.

The program itself offered the whole package according to Hazem. It has pushed him out of his comfort zone and propelled him to embrace diversity fully. Balancing football and his studies, he is invested in general business studies and hopes to pursue a career in sports management upon graduation.

With the school, his team and coaches behind him, Hazem has been given not only the knowledge and skills to go far but also the confidence to pursue his passions. As a Bachelor transfer student, Hazem has had a remarkable study abroad experience.


GBSB Global Business School has opened its Bachelor of Business Administration and Digital Innovation in Spain intake in Barcelona and Online. When deciding between the two, students may consider their study habits and whether they prefer flexibility or more structure. No matter the decision, GBSB Global’s advanced curriculum and approach to business are distinguishing.

GBSB Global highlights a day in the life of a student studying for their Bachelor of Business Administration and Digital Innovation in Spain. Students who study with GBSB Global Business School can expect a professional and organized approach to innovative business learning.

Our international faculty with extensive real-world experience in business offers a unique approach to business education, providing students with insights into business today. Students can expect takeaways that are relevant and can help them nagivate the challenges they may face in the field. Earning a Bachelor of Business Administration and Digital Innovation from GBSB Global empowers students with the knowledge and tools to start their career ahead of their peers.


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"Deciding to study at GBSB Global was one of the best choices I have made so far in my life. At GBSB Global Business School I had the opportunity to meet and get to know individuals from all over the world. This opened my mind and helped me become a better person. Business Bachelor at GBSB Global Business School is a very multicultural degree program that teaches students about global markets, the economy and the ways of conducting business from an international perspective."

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"I chose to study for my Bachelor in Spain because the program is taught entirely in English and only lasts three years. As the youngest students in my class, I was able to learn from my classmates with more personal and professional experience. Coming from the US, Africa, Asia and Europe, I learned so much from my classmates and their perspectives. My internship offered the opportunity to apply my classroom learning to real life. I learned so much about myself studying for my Bachelor in Spain."

Hazem Serageldin



"As an international student, GBSB Global offers a truly diverse experience that has pushed me to step outside my comfort zone. Studying for my Bachelor in Spain, I can now orient my career towards sports management in Europe or at home. I have balanced both my studies and training and have been successful and am looking forward to putting my time studying for my Bachelor in Spain to good use."

Aidan McKevitt



"When I wanted to create a formal company, the Bachelor in Spain absolutely helped. It gave me the confidence to talk to my accountants and lawyers. I was also able to speak to my team in a language they were able to understand. I believe GBSB Global’s Bachelor in Spain helped me with this. As an American starting a company in Spain, having international experience, studied and worked with a diverse community of people, gave me the ability to create a firm foundation and grow my businesses."

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