Five Reasons to Join Online Campus at GBSB Global Business School

Digital education has become highly resourceful to future generations as it allows students to continue their education with freedom and mobility. Besides, with the current pandemic happening around the globe, online learning often times comes as the only available option. In May 2020, more than 6 million students were reported in to be fully or partially studying online as a part of their degrees.

As a higher education with a focus on innovation and technology GBSB Global Business School launched its Online Campus in 2017 to meet the students’ demand to have flexibility in their education. As of today, GBSB Global continues to successfully run its online campus, provide students with accessibility to business resources and allowing them to balance studies with daily affairs, maintain employment back home and meet personal and family needs.

The curriculum of online Bachelor, Master, and MBA programs at GBSB Global is identical to the offline degree, meaning all enrolled students will be taught by the same faculty members, study the same course material, obtain the required skills and knowledge and, consequently, receive the same diploma degree. Moreover, all GBSB Global online students have access to the best educational tools and learning technologies provided directly by Microsoft (GBSB Global is an official Microsoft Showcase School worldwide). As part of the e-learning at GBSB Global, student will also be encouraged to have remote collaborations with classmates from around the world – the school’s student cohort is comprised of individuals from more than 85+ countries which greatly expands cultural awareness and fosters cross-cultural communication within teams.

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Still not convinced if online studying is right for you?

Here are five more advantages of e-learning at GBSB Global Business School:

  1. Flexibility: Anytime. Anywhere. You can study at your own rate within the parameters of the course itself. This gives you the ability to balance studies with your professional responsibilities, travel, and demands at home. As the world slowly starts to reopen after the pandemic, individuals will be looking to advance their skill sets, juggle their families and get back to work. Earning an advanced business degree will help you get ahead of the competition while still being able to show up for the other activities that are important.
  2. Possibilities: In the digital age in which we live, every class found in a catalog of a traditional institution is now online. An added benefit is that a course on digital business for example is held on the medium students will be working on in the field, the internet. In subject areas, like marketing, communications, finance, business, and innovation, having courses online set the precedent that will help you, as a graduate, better navigate the industry.
  3. Accessibility: Everyone today is digitally connected on social media, why should school be any different? Taking the future of education online provides students with better access to resources, research, and communication tools. Have a question? Studying at GBSB Global, a private business institution with small online class sizes, means professors knowing students’ name and working to answer questions as they arise.
  4. Customized Learning Experience: Students can adapt their education to meet their needs. While flexibility and accessibility play a big part of this, you will really have control over your education. With learning materials literally at your fingertips from eBooks and case studies to online discussion boards and a student body that canvases the globe, you could be as engaged as you would like to be with the peers, your coursework and professors. You have the advantage of graduating with a job lined up and a network of business associates at the helm to help you in your professional pursuits.
  5. Money Saving: Online education offers you an opportunity to learn from the comfort of your living rooms with a library of resources just a click away. There is no commute, no expensive books to buy in most cases, no international travel fees, and no onsite housing to budget for. E-learning could be an investment, potentially allowing you to receive global education while saving money.

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