Gain Insight: Alumni Tips for Students

Ioannis Antonopoulos, Swarovski Business Development Manager for Europe North
Lukas Philipp Horst Goßler, Swarovski Business Development Training

Ioannis and Lukas, recent GBSB Global alumni sat down for one of our career development sessions to speak with current students about their experience at GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona and how their education in fashion and luxury brand management and business innovation, respectively, helped them land leading positions with Swarovski Corporate working in business development. The department they are both working in is a hybrid between marketing and sales focused on B2B development and researching other markets outside of just crystals.

During their discussion with students, Ioannis and Lukas explained their role at Swarovski, how because of their unique position working with both sales and marketing that their responsibilities really range on a day to day basis. The position in research and development meshes their creative skills with the more practical sales acumen they learned at GBSB Global.

The alumni went onto cover what current students should do in order to prepare for graduation and the competitive job market today. This is the insight they shared from their own personal experiences.

Create a CV that Stands Out

Lukas, with a background in graphic design had made a magazine about himself that he could present to potential employers that was not only eye catching but gave him ample room to thoroughly market himself.

Be Natural in the Interview

Just be yourself. Don’t let your nerves get the better of you. Be confident and show interest in the position and the company.

Be Assertive

If you really want the job, don’t sit back and wait. Contact the company directly. Ioannis and Lukas referenced LinkedIn for example. In their job postings, there is normally a HR representative for the company listed, and while there is a formal process for applying for the position, it is often beneficial to touch base with the contact personally through direct messaging.

Don’t Allow Language To Be A Deterrent

While learning Spanish is an asset, it is not always a prerequisite for many positions with international companies in Barcelona and Madrid. For example, Ioannis and Lukas’s boss at Swarovski is from Slovenia and the language used in the office is English.

Be Open to Opportunity

Ioannis disclosed to students how his participation in the BIT of Fashion Conference hosted by GBSB Global was the catalyst for him actually getting in touch with one of the marketing managers at Swarovski. He had originally reached out to this individual to be a speaker at the conference, but he was unable to attend. Lo and behold, three weeks later, Ioannis received an email requesting that they meet and later would be offered a training position with the company.

It’s All About Connections

Networking is key. Get out there and look for events. Get in touch with professionals in the industry through in-person interactions and follow up with your CV and credentials. Don’t underestimate LinkedIn as a powerful resource for staying in contact with those individuals that you meet. It is quite wonderful to see how technology has evolved to better serve you and your career ambitions through social media.

Want to know more about our Career Services at GBSB Global? Contact us directly. We would be happy to share more success stories with you and provide helpful assistance in your job search.

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