Finding Your Community Away from Home: Armenian Resources

According to an article written in El Periodico in 2013, “A 'jachkar', which in Armenian means 'stone cross', is a monolith which has a cross as a central motif and adornments around it. It is very representative of the Armenian culture and there is one in the park of Montjuïc, between the Olympic Stadium and the gardens of the Albéniz palace. It was inaugurated in September 2009 as a symbol of the friendship between Catalunya and Armenia.”

Approximately, forty thousand Armenians, most of whom have emigrated from Armenia in the last 10 to 15 years, settled in Valencia (14,000), Barcelona (12,000), Alicante (2000), La Rioja, San Sebastián and Bilbao (300), Seville (300), Málaga (200). In the capital, Madrid, the number of residents extends to 8000 and is increasing. Most Armenians in Spain speak Spanish, Armenian, Persian, and Arabic, and most belong to the Armenian Apostolic Church.

While the numbers are quite significant in comparison to other nationalities represented at GBSB Global, there is a small social community in Barcelona.

We value diversity, and want to provide assistance to students who are looking to connect with other students from other backgrounds and/or find their own communities to share new experiences and create lasting memories. In line with our new series of articles meant to help GBSB Global students find their tribe, or community of individuals that make Barcelona feel like home away from home, we are highlighting the Armenian community present here in the city.

Resources for Armenian Residents Living in Barcelona Studying Abroad at GBSB Global

Honorary Consulate of Armenia in Barcelona, Spain
C/Ali Bei 25, 08010, Barcelona, Spain
Phone +34 93 231 96 00

Asociación Cultural Armenia de Barcelona (ACAB)
C/Ausias March, 08010 Barcelona, Spain

If you want to take advantage of a wide variety of activities, this community-minded association is just for you.
The Asociación Cultural Armenia de Barcelona is actively involved in the education and development of children and Young adults of Armenian descent. In 2010, ACAB created a Spanish language program for Armenians who came to Spain and need help in adapting to the country, a completely new environment. The Asociación Cultural Armenia de Barcelona organizes classes teaching participant to play traditional Armenian instruments. ACAB also holds regular sports training in volleyball, football, chess, and badminton. Classes that teach Armenian national dance lessons are an integral part of the cultural education program ACAB members enjoy.
In 2014, the association was provided the honor to take part in the organization of the Euro Armenia Games in Barcelona.

Social Media

A small Facebook page has been started called Armenians in Barcelona. Spain / Armenios en Barcelon. España, and can be viewed here. Or another larger group can be joined here,


Armenian Church of St. Gevorg, Calonge, a small town near Barcelona
Iglesia Apostólica Armenia de Santo Guevorg en Calonge

The Church of St. Gevorg, recognized in 2009, is located in the small Catalan municipality of Calonge, not far from Barcelona. Established as the first parish, the Armenian Apostolic Church in Spain was leased from the Spanish government for 30 years. The first service was conducted by Norval Zakarian, Archbishop of the French Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

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