Professor Ariel Castillo: What Advice Would You Give to Students Today?

GBSB Global Business School in Barcelona, Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management Professor Ariel Castillo, owner and co-founder of Castlehart Consultants, a business dedicated to providing in-company training to both marketing and tourism companies. Castlehart Consultants works with small to mid-size multinationals here in Spain and across the world. With his 20 years of extensive experience in conducting employee trainings and working directly in the tourism sector, he has wisdom and insight into the field which is an invaluable asset for those students, merely starting out or continuing in the field, who aspire to go far.

Success is obtained by those individuals that understand what the industry requires. The hospitality and tourism industry is disparate from other sectors like finance, construction, or education, to name a few. Employees are required to perform with the utmost professionalism. In an industry, heavily focused on customer service, having a social, extrovert personality is a plus. Dealing with customers day in and day out is not easy, but it is rewarding, creating exceptional experiences and building relationships will help individuals in this industry stand out and build a reputation for providing high quality service with attention to detail.

Professor Castillo also identifies the need for individuals to be flexible as a must. With a varied schedule, working days, nights, weekends and holidays, employees need to manage their professional and personal lives more than maybe their peers that work in others fields.

When Professor Castillo was asked what advice he would give students today, his response was, "Enjoy the ride". Our careers will take twists and turns from changing departments to moving from one company to another. We, as a society, build upon our experiences, rising to greater heights. Only from the vantage point looking back over a career can you truly appreciate what propelled you from point A to point B.

If Professor Castillo could travel back in time he would have been more studious. He would have devoted more time to being a good student. The thought of time travel set aside, whatever Professor Castillo did, worked. Having worked in the hospitality and tourism industry in Argentina, the United Kingdom, and now Spain, Professor Castillo, has a prestigious career in which he can delve into and share his wisdom and insight with students, helping future generations see the same prosperity.

A considerable part of the Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management program focuses on developing employability and career skills. The students at GBSB benefit from the large range of internship opportunities available in the tourism and hospitality industry in Barcelona, from organizing high-profile meetings and events to working with a cruise line or luxury hotel.

Ever since Barcelona hosted the Olympic Games in 1992, the city has experienced steady growth in tourism. The city is one of the most visited destinations in Europe today. Barcelona offers an incredible variety of accommodation options, a highly-developed tourism infrastructure from Gaudi’s La Pedrera to wine tours to the Penedès and an exorbitant number of exhibitions, events, and international conferences to promote the city as a tourist hub.

The Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management program applies broad viewpoints on tourism by exploring various approaches to global tourism companies, sustainable tourism, marketing of destinations, and emerging issues in international tourism.

Written by Emily Dawn Szajda, GBSB Content Manager

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