Importance of Entrepreneurship in the World

In recent years entrepreneurship has become a global dream for lots of people all over the world, but only very few understand the importance of entrepreneurship and dare to turn their dreams into reality. Though starting a new business from a scratch requires certain personal traits, as passion, self-belief, high self-motivation and courage, which are sometimes hard to develop, and high level of devotion as making your own business work takes a lot of time, in exchange it provides dozens of benefits. 

One of the most appealing advantages of becoming an entrepreneur is being financially independent. At the same time, you should be prepared for all the risks associated with investing your money into something that maybe will fail. Those who were not afraid to take a risk eventually became successful businessmen. Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates are the few among those who decided to bring their own ideas to life. Without any doubt we can say, that entrepreneurs did change the way modern people perceive world, and not only from business perspective. Their unconventional, creative approach to the business and the innovations that have become inseparable part of modern society, not only made our everyday life easier, they became a source of motivation and inspiration for people all over the world. Another benefit that influences a lot the decision to become an entrepreneur is the opportunity to be your own boss, and therefore to do something you are truly passionate about, to communicate your own values and ideas to the society. In other words, entrepreneurship implies freedom in many areas, which is unobtainable when you are working for someone else.

In addition to all positive aspects of having your own business, entrepreneurship plays a big role in economic development and thus, the importance of entrepreneurship cannot be undermined. There is a prevailing opinion that corporations are the ones having a significant impact on economy growth. However, contrary to that, the smaller businesses are the ones stimulating local economies the most. Often entrepreneurial companies play a significant role in economic development not just on national level, but within the global economy. Moreover, one of the most important aspects of entrepreneurship is that it creates opportunities for employment; therefore it affects local societies in a most positive way. Particularly nowadays, when majority of countries worldwide are facing an increasing unemployment, the importance of entrepreneurship should not be underestimated. 

Aside from reducing unemployment rates and economic growth, importance of entrepreneurship lies in positive social changes, made through non-profit organizations or businesses which are focused on innovative and sustainable development. It does not necessarily means that social entrepreneurs are working only to solve social problems, but with more creative and innovative approaches majority of problems can be solved in a more efficient way.

GBSB Global Business School, being recognized as one of the most innovative business school is Spain, realize the increasing importance of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial education in rapidly developing global business environment. For that reason we offer a specially designed advanced graduate programme in Entrepreneurship.  The Master in Entrepreneurship includes a full set of fundamental management disciplines, provides students with the tools to acquire the skills and qualifications essential for successful entrepreneurship careers, and a deep understanding of the field of entrepreneurial management. Special attention is paid to cultivating and promoting creativityinnovative thinking and entrepreneurship skill in students. The programme is delivered through in-class discussions, industrial visits and interaction with professors, who are experienced entrepreneurs themselves. Moreover, studying in Barcelona, a particularly entrepreneurial city, is the best way to observe and learn from the experience of ambitious entrepreneurs all over the world.  The capacity for entrepreneurial initiatives and events in Barcelona is constantly rewarded by local governmental organizations which promote entrepreneurship as means for developing local economy and attracting foreign investment into the region.

The Master in Entrepreneurship from GBSB Global Business School prepares you to be a successful entrepreneur in a global context, enables to discover and develop the needed insights for identifying and taking advantage of entrepreneurial opportunities, and provides you with the required expertise whether it be to start and manage your own business or to develop an entrepreneurial project within an existing organization. By completing your entrepreneurial studies, the importance of entrepreneurship to the economic and social development and to your personality and career will definitely be clear. 

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