Why Earning Your Online Degree is the Future of Education

The future of education rests in the hands of any institution, at any level that embraces online learning and provides online courses, rewarding participants with a certificate or online degree upon completion. These credentials will surmount the traditional degree. Check out six reasons why earning an online degree is the future of education.

The world of technology has propelled businesses across the globe to embrace more digitally sound models, and education is not an exception as traditional institutions brace themselves to offer an online degree option or be left behind in the dust. This transformation has impacted society in a positive way.

Forbes notes in an article about the age of the machine and the digitalization of education that academic establishments will wrestle with the current curriculum and course offerings in the years to come. This issue will arise as generally half of the information acquired during the first year of a four-year degree will likely be out-of-date by graduation.

This will foster challenges in the employment market as graduates will find it difficult to compete for jobs. This will beg the question, will the traditional mode of education, the four-year brick and mortar bastion of education survive? And more importantly, with the likes of Google and YouTube available, will degrees still be a differentiator?

Harvard Business School professor, Clayton Christensen, predicts that half of all traditional colleges will cease to exist in 10 years’ time because online education will undercut their business models, making them obsolete.

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Earn Your Online Degree

The future of education rests in the hands of any institution, at any level that embraces online learning and provides online courses, rewarding participants with a certificate or online degree upon completion. These credentials will surmount the traditional degree.

Here are six reasons why earning an online degree is the future of education.

1. Online Learning Starts from Preschool to College

Online methodologies have replaced some homeschooling systems. Students can opt to complete their high school, secondary education online in less time than the more formative model. Parents can relax. The computer offers innovative tools to students that will not only provide knowledge but will prepare students for the operations side of working in the digital age.

The resources are only a click away and will transform the teacher/student/institution relationship.

In this regard, students can get courses that fit their specific needs including online certificates, online college courses, and online degree programs.

2. Online Degree Programs Bring Flexibility to Learning

On screen learning offers many benefits to professionals who wish to balance work, family and travel. From studying at your own pace to not having to deal with the tedious visa process to enroll in an international school, online learning allows students to transverse borders on their own time. At GBSB Global, students have the opportunity to engage in discussions with peers and professors from around the world.

No matter what stage of life you are in, there is a program that fits your needs. From a more rigorous MBA to any one of our Masters programs or certificates, GBSB Global can help you identify the right online course to satisfy your professional ambitions.

In comparison to sitting on campus in a live class, online courses allow students to modify their learning to complement their daily lives. They can work at their own pace in the convenience of their home or out on the road.

3. Some Online Systems Have a Live Teacher

Worthy to note, many online programs incorporate live streaming into their curriculum. What this means is that students can still reap the benefit from having a teacher there to guide them through difficult subjects. GBSB Global has this option available with many programs. The live chat feature and scheduling modules also offer students the ability to get in touch directly with their professors. This allows students to address their questions and concerns in a timely manner.

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4. Your Online Degree May Be Cheaper

Depending on the institution, the overall cost of earning your online degree is much cheaper than being on campus. Because all of the curriculum has been digitalized, professors to do need to change their lesson plans and present every class live. Most will take a hybrid approach, minimizing the amount of time needed for live instruction. Secondly, if you are looking for a diverse, international experience, students can find programs offered around the world, like GBSB Global. Opting for this course of study allows students to be immersed in a variety of cultures through the interchange with peers and professors but don’t have to worry about the added costs of visa and travel arrangements.

5. An Unlimited Number of Students Can Enroll

Many more students can enroll in an online class than in a live class. As most of the lessons are automated students can self-learn using a screen.

Professors’ time preparing lesson plans and lectures is reduced. Having only to publish assignments and discussions online to coincide with the materials already implemented into the system, teachers can mark and check the progress of students with more ease.

6. Online Learning Resources Abound

As any student studying on campus, students studying for their online degree have many of the same, if not more, resources available to them. Studying on your computer, you have quick access to the internet, and the wealth of tools available on the learning platform offered by the school.

A list of free and paid resources will be available to students and can be easily accessed by the swift click of the mouse. This accessibility far surpasses that of students who opt for more traditional methods of learning.

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Online Learning is the Way of the Future

Automated learning does have valves in place to make sure cheating does not compromise the learning experience. At GBSB Global our Microsoft program offers a built-in plagiarism checker allowing professors and students to receive a report concerning their work.

The impact of online courses on the education system will be a shift from in-person classes to the teacher creating online content for students. From more traditional prerecorded lectures to online workshops, group tasks, Skype sessions with our professors, simulation games, tests, and exams, students can expect a comprehensive learning experience warranting the same exact diploma as that awarded to students who study on campus.

Investing in your online degree may be one of the best decisions of your life. Considering the current state of world affairs, earning your online degree is a viable option to advance your learning and prepare yourself with the competencies needed to meet the demands of our ever-changing economy.

Don’t wait to start your degree. The world will need innovative, digital-savvy professionals like you to help rebuild its economy. Inquire about GBSB Global’s online degree programs today!

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