Deep Dive in Bachelors Educational Program: Writing for Media Course

In November 2017 at the GBSB Global Business School within the Global Communications Course at Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) prof. Angels Bronsoms gave the “Writing for Media” class, focused on helping the students to understand the tools and techniques modern journalists or writers use in the field of communication.

The class was focused on learning at first-hand about the differences in profiles and specific needs within the communication industry through practical expertise, workshops, and meetups as the main educational process format. The program is 50% academic and 50% practical, where our students can apply new knowledge and the ideas they come up with during the academic sessions with real business and managers.


Our students had an opportunity to listen and talk about Online Media with Karma Peiró the director of the Nació Digital (the main digital newspaper in Catalonia); to get insight into the art of writing for TV with Lluis CaellesTV3 the editor in chief at the main public TV station in Catalonia.

The press editor in chief at “El Periódico de Cataluña” Antonio Baquero gave a speech about the nuances and approaches in press writing in modern times.

Bachelor Communications students at el Periodico de Catalunya

Furthermore, our students acquired general insight and practices in corporate communication business from Ita Fabregas– one of the leading experts at Mahala Communicación Global Agency.

As a bonus, there was an exceptional opportunity to listen to Josep Lluis Merlos, who held a lecture on Entrepreneurial Communication in sports. Finally, Albert Montagut - communication director for FC Barcelona - told us about the role of a correspondent in the modern Sport Media Industry.

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The final project of the class project was the creation of an original media project and a multicultural online media called GLOBAL VOICE.

Global Voice is a virtual newspaper built with the articles of a global community of writers from different countries comprised of 7 different sections and news related to subjects like:

  • Current events
  • Culture
  • Business
  • Sports
  • Fashion
  • Food

After intense and exciting work our students wrote real media material and programs, implementing the techniques and tools they had learned during academic sessions with the industry professionals, acquired new contacts and friends (which is crucial in the communication world, as we all know) and had a great time overall.

If you are interested in studying PR and Communications, you see your future in Media Industry, you can learn more about our Bachelor of Business Administration in PR and Communication.

BBA Communications students visits TV3

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