Live Close to the Madrid Campus: What Barrios Students Should Consider Studying Abroad

GBSB Global Business School in Madrid. Live Close to the Madrid Campus

Are you studying abroad at our GBSB Global Business School Madrid campus? Trying to get the lay of the land or an understanding of the 21 barrios, or districts, that make up Madrid can be overwhelming. Let us break down the five barrios that are close to the GBSB Global Business School Madrid campus and what makes them unique.

Lateral Thinking: Goodbye to Conventional Solutions

Lateral Thinking in GBSB Global Business School

Lateral Thinking among other leading business methodologies are used at GBSB Global to provide students the most progressive & competitive education. Looking at problem solving with a fresh set of eyes will change the way society operates businesses around the globe. Reprogram your thinking to steer away from convention and look for alternative answers. Be the change maker of today.

Encouraging Opportunities: Helping Students Achieve Their Goals

Encouraging Opportunities: Career Services helps Students Achieve Their Goals

GBSB Global is a place where students can grow both professionally and personally, expanding their network to engage in new opportunities. GBSB Global motivates, inspiring students to reach for new horizons, incites imagination without limits, and assures that each and every student reaches their full potential as a successful, future business leader in the 21st Century.

Sustainable Transportation in Madrid & Barcelona: How Will You Get to School?

Sustainable Transportation in Madrid and Barcelona

Study at the GBSB Global in Barcelona or Madrid, there are exciting things taking shape regarding public transportation & user-friendly, smart cities. Spain has made it a priority to make advancements, revolutionizing the public transportation systems, becoming a model for other countries to follow. Live abroad in Spain and enjoy the everyday conveniences Barcelona and Madrid provide.

The Digital Innovation Scene in Madrid Explored

Digital Scene in Madrid Explored

Madrid like Barcelona is a hub for digital and mobile technologies. It’s thanks to the support & investments from local & regional governments and institutions that has made advancements in this sphere of business possible. One event in particular, the Digital Business World Congress, is making waves not only in Spain, but internationally in regards to the digital business transformation. 


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