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Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is the oldest global body for professional accountants. GBSB Global Business School is the only ACCA Approved Learning Provider in Spain meaning we provide official ACCA courses in Spain.

While getting enrolled with such ACCA tuition providers in Spain you can be fully assured that you will receive the global standard of ACCA tuition and will have access to ACCA provided learning tools and professional opportunities.

Study ACCA in Spain with GBSB Global with confidence that you will successfully pass ACCA exams and will accomplish a new professional milestone of receiving an ACCA certificate.


GBSB Global ACCA Qualification Globally Recognized

Globally Recognized

ACCA Certification Valued by Employers

Valued by Employers

ACCA more than 180000 jobs published every year

More than 180,000 Jobs
Published Every Year

ACCA courses in Spain Career Boost

Significant Career Boost

ACCA school in Spain based on international Standards

Based on International Accounting
and Auditing Standards

ACCA Continued Professional Development

Continued Professional Development


The only ACCA Approved Learning Provider in Spain

ACCA Approved Learning Provider in Spain

Accredited ACCA programs

Accredited ACCA programs in Spain

The only ACCA CBE Centre in Spain

Only ACCA CBE Centre in Spain

Study in Barcelona or Madrid Campuses

Study ACCA in Spain (Barcelona or Madrid campuses)

ACCA Expert Tutors

ACCA course in Spain with Expert Tutors


The ACCA syllabus consists of 14 modules broken down into three different levels Applied Knowledge, Applied Skills and Strategic Professional. The table below shows how many papers in ACCA there are and how many exams in ACCA you will need to take.

Level Course Exam Resources Syllabus
ACCA Qualification
Fundamentals - Applied Knowledge Accountant in Business (AB) here here
Management Accounting (MA) here here
Financial Accounting (FA) here here
Applied Skills Corporate and Business Law (LW) here here
Performance Management (PM) here here
Taxation (TX) here here
Financial Reporting (FR) here here
Audit and Assurance (AA) here here
Financial Management (FM) here here
Strategic Professional - Essentials Strategic Business Reporting (SBR) here here
Strategic Business Leader (SBL) here here
Options (2 papers out of 4) Advanced Financial Management (AFM) here here
Advanced Performance Management (APM) here here
Advanced Taxation (ATX) here here
Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA) here here


Employers all over the world trust ACCA to ensure their businesses operate at the highest international levels. Indeed, ACCA qualifications are designed in close collaboration with international employers, so the ACCA students and members are trained to operate at the cutting edge of the fast-developing business world, capable of meeting challenges head on.

ACCA works with more than 7,400 Approved Employers and 80 accountancy partnerships worldwide - and connect its members with thousands of vacancies through the ACCA Careers Job Board. Join GBSB Global - the only ACCA Approved Learning Provider in Spain and drastically improve your career prospects.

ACCA accreditation provides all the skills and knowledge required



The ACCA Qualification is an internationally recognized designation that gives students the leading edge against their competitors vying for the same position within a company. Providing advanced knowledge and a level of accreditation that cannot be attained at every business school, students eager to study for the ACCA examination at GBSB Global need to ask themselves two questions in order to be successful. What study methods work best for you to optimize your learning and retention? The second and more important question, what support do you need that will aid you in your quest to effectively achieve the pass mark?

There is not one study model meant to fit every individual, and we know that. That is why GBSB Global Business School offers two different study methods designed to accommodate two very different types of students. Identifying what method best suits your personality and way of managing tasks will give you the best possible chance to successfully pass the examination.

Let’s take a closer look at the two study methods.

  • Face-to-Face
  • Online Learning


Full Time Courses

Full-time courses typically take place during office hours, Monday to Friday, over a period of several weeks or months. This option is best suited if you want to focus completely on your studies and are not in full-time employment.

Full-time courses are offered during normal business hours, Monday-Friday, and will be scheduled over a period of several weeks or months. This study option is best suited for students who want to immerse themselves in their studies, solely focusing on their preparations for the exam and are not employed full-time.

At ACCA Fundamentals level we offer:

  • Course: BSc in Applied Accounting with 9 ACCA Exemptions (under revision)
  • Format & Schedule: 3 academic years, Mon-Fri, 9:00 to 14:00

At ACCA Strategic Professional level we offer:

  • Course: MSc in Professional Accounting (under revision)
  • Format & Schedule: 1 academic year, Mon-Fri, 9:00 to 14:00

Part Time Courses

Part-time courses will be offered during the weekend. They are considered intensive studies because of the parameters of time students will meet in person. Part-time courses are more popular with students who intend to balance working full-time while studying for their ACCA Qualification.

Throughout the duration of your studies, you will follow the syllabus determined by your chosen ACCA exam(s), learning the material thoroughly, applying your knowledge to question/answer sessions and acquiring examination techniques that will prepare you to expertly pass the exam.

  • Format & Schedule: Courses Starting in September and February, Saturdays, 9:00 to 14:00


Full Time Courses

Online courses are structured for students who like to engage in a more agile, digital environment. GBSB Global offers recommendations to students that are beneficial and in turn, aid in the overall success of examinees in obtaining top results, including coursework requirements provided by the official ACCA content provider, BPP.

The online study option provides students with freedom and flexibility. Students can tune into pre-recorded lectures at any time of any day, knowing that if questions or concerns do arise, the structure and support of the traditional classroom environment is only a click away.

Students studying online have access to:

  • A comprehensive suite of pre-recorded lectures
  • Forums that promote interaction between your tutor and fellow peers
  • Proactive support from BPP Performance Support Team
  • Comprehensive documents providing guidance and key course assessment dates
  • Practical test prep & Revision Kits
  • Ability to switch between online and physical materials if needed

Students have the freedom to schedule their studies anytime, anywhere. With the use of our online platform, students can move at their own pace and connect with fellow students for peer-to-peer support.

Online lectures include a full preparation course and a revision course, readying students for the exam.

Like face-to-face revision courses, online revision courses are designed to re-enforce and refresh knowledge and skills acquired as part of your tuition. They will normally include a reminder of the syllabus content, intensive exam question practice and online tutor support.


40h with ACCA qualified expert tutor 24/7 access to pre-recorded lectures for 100% of the syllabus by experienced tutors from the UK
Progress test after the first 20h of class BPP course notes which mirror the recorded lectures
BPP Mock Exam after the 40h of class Detailed study guidance to help you structure your studies
5h final revision after the mock exam Recommended submission dates for assessments to keep you on track
Official BPP Study Book (hard-copy) Forums promoting tutor and peer interaction
Official BPP Revision Kit (hard-copy) Proactive contact from the BPP Performance Support Team
Class Notes Online and marked assessments (where relevant)
BPP Exam Question Bank Suggested Further Question Practice with recorded debriefs for many questions
CBE practice software (where relevant)




Full Time Courses (Starting in October, January, and April)

Fundamentals BSc in Applied Accounting (under revision) 9.900 € per Academic year
Strategic Professional MSc in Professional Accounting (under revision) 14.640 € (1 academic year)


Part Time Courses (Starting in September and February, Saturdays, 9:00 to 14:00)

Level Course In-Centre Taught
Fundamentals - FIA Diploma & ACCA Knowledge AB - Accountant in Business 750 €
MA - Management Accounting 800 €
FA - Financial Accounting 850 €
Fundamentals - ACCA Skills LW - Corporate Law 800 €
PM - Performance Management 1.050 €
TX - Taxation 1.050 €
FR - Financial Reporting 1.050 €
AA - Audit and Assurance 1.050 €
FM - Financial Management 1.050 €
Strategic Professional - ACCA Essentials SBL - Strategic Business Leader 1.200 €
SBR - Strategic Business Reporting 1.200 €
Strategic Professional - ACCA Options AFM - Advanced Financial Management 1.100 €
APM - Advanced Performance Management 1.100 €
ATX - Advanced Taxation 1.100 €
AAA - Advanced Audit and Assurance 1.100 €


All In-centre taught courses include original BPP hard books and revision kits materials.



Level Course Price
Fundamentals - FIA Diploma & ACCA Knowledge AB - Accountant in Business 360 €
MA - Management Accounting 360 €
FA - Financial Accounting 360 €
Fundamentals - ACCA Skills LW - Corporate Law 390 €
PM - Performance Management 380 €
TX - Taxation 380 €
FR - Financial Reporting 380 €
AA - Audit and Assurance 380 €
FM - Financial Management 380 €
Strategic Professional - ACCA Essentials SBL - Strategic Business Leader 560 €
SBR - Strategic Business Reporting 560 €
Strategic Professional - ACCA Options AFM - Advanced Financial Management 580 €
APM - Advanced Performance Management 580 €
ATX - Advanced Taxation 580 €
AAA - Advanced Audit and Assurance 580 €


Please check the fees for taking ACCA exams in the section "ACCA Exams" on this page.



In order to register, please, submit your application request and we will contact you shortly.


GBSB Global Business School is not only official ACCA Approved Learning Provider in Spain but also a Certified Testing Centre of ACCA. You can register independently (regardless of whether you are an ACCA student at GBSB Global) to take ACCA exams. Here you can find ACCA exam dates and ACCA exams fees.

GBSB Global CBE ACCA Exams Calendar & Fees

2018 Exam Calendar

28th, 29th of March -
2nd, 3rd of July -
12th, 13th of September -
18th, 19th of December 20th, 21th of December


2019 Exam Calendar

28th, 29th of March 26th, 27th of March
4th, 5th of July 2nd, 3rd of July
5th, 6th of September 3rd, 4th of September
19th, 20th of December 17th, 18th of December


Every examination day will have two slots: one during the morning and another one during the afternoon. Each exam is two hours long.

Foundation Level Recording Financial Transactions (FA1)
Management Information (MA1)
Maintaining Financial Records (FA2)
Managing Costs and Finance (MA2)
60,89 €
Accountant in Business (FAB)
Financial Accounting (FFA)
Management Accounting (FMA)
89,21 €
ACCA Qualification Accountant in Business (AB)
Management Accounting (MA)
Financial Accounting (FA)
89,21 €
Corporate and Business Law (LW) 110,45 €


  • Make sure there is availability for the desired date as there are limited seats and you have the required personal info to submit:
    • ACCA student registration number
    • Date of birth in DD/MM/YYYY format
    • Full name and address
    • Qualification for which you are studying
  • Payments need to be done in order to reserve the seat for the exam; payment methods allowed are Bank transfer, credit card, cash payment
  • In case of bank transfer, reference number indicated in pro-forma will need to be informed in order to guarantee seat reservation
  • All communication regarding examination is to be formalized through the following email channel:

Exam Regulations

  • Applied Knowledge exams, as well as the Corporate & Business Law exam at Applied Skills, are computer based and are available all year round. For Applied Skills (except Corporate & Business Law) and Strategic Professional levels, ACCA offer four exam sittings per year
  • All modules must be sat in order; Papers within a module may be sat in any order but ACCA recommends that they should be sat in numerical order
  • The pass mark for all examinations is 50%
  • Maximum of four papers to be taken in one sitting
  • Papers from a variety of levels may be sat at any one time. i.e. Knowledge and Skills or Skills and Essentials
  • The three Essentials ACCA papers do not have to be sat together
  • Practical experience is required



ACCA Paper

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