GBSB Global Receives 5 Stars by QS Ranking System 2022

GBSB Global has reached another landmark achievement. After being audited by QS (Quacquarelli Symonds), the world’s leading source of services, analytics, and insights in the global higher education sphere, GBSB Global is excited to announce it has received an overall 5-Star rating.

Through various rankings, comparative reports, and webinars, QS Ranking System’s mission is to empower ambitious individuals worldwide to embrace their potential through educational achievement, international mobility, and career development.

What is QS Stars?

Since its founding in 2009, QS Ranking System is a steadfast means to assess academic institutions across the globe. The QS Stars rating is based on eight performance indicators, contributing to the institution’s comprehensive performance. From Teaching, Subject Ranking, Academic Development, and Arts & Culture to Internationalization, Online Learning, Research, Innovation, Inclusiveness, and Employability, institutions participating in this ranking can promote their areas of strength and take account of weakness for improvement.

GBSB Global Business School is extremely proud to have received an excellent Five Star rating, which is a step up from previous years. Below are the indicators that received exceptional acknowledgment and reasons why each is impactful for our current and prospective students.

Image about Teaching QS Ranking

Teaching | Academic institutions are responsible for fostering their students’ learning and personal development. Offering a nurturing environment and empowering teachers with the means to inspire students helps GBSB Global graduate leaders. In the Teaching indicator, GBSB Global was evaluated highly on faculty-student ratio, student satisfaction, and the rate of further study, assuring quality teaching and a nurturing classroom setting.

Image about Employability QS Ranking

Employability | Graduate employability is focused on more than academic strength and intellectual capacity of students. It looks at student’s readiness for work – soft skills, an individual’s capacity to work successfully in a multi-cultural team, student’s presentation mastery, people and project management. The school’s standing among employers, graduate and Alumni employment rate, and career service offerings are also evaluated. This indicator demonstrates that GBSB Global is of high standing in the business community and supports its student body in their endeavors to solidify employment upon completion of their academic program and beyond, with our specialized Careers Center offering life-long learning services free of charge.

Image about Academic Development QS Ranking

Academic Development | In the realm of academic development, the institution must display a commitment to expanding student resources, providing access to faculty outside the classroom, and displaying faculty concentration in continued program development. This showcases a school’s dedication to furthering students’ professional aptitudes above and beyond the average standard. GBSB Global places a vested importance upon designing advanced, cutting-edge programs with practical application to prepare graduates for tomorrow’s challenges through technology and innovative ideology.

Image about Online Learning QS Ranking

Online Learning | GBSB Global has built a thriving online campus that can be accessed by students across the globe. Students have all the on-campus capabilities with the advantage of flexible scheduling and access to class lectures and discussions 24/7. QS Ranking System looks at how robust a school’s online learning platform is and evaluates the effectiveness of the program from a student’s perspective. Having launched the online campus long before the pandemic as a Microsoft Showcase School, GBSB Global was far ahead in providing distanced learning, offering an exceptional platform for remote working.

Image about Program Strength QS Ranking

Program Strength | This performance indicator delves into specialty degrees that provide students professional leverage. This could be in a field of high demand or a pioneering field that presents students with a unique set of skills that meet modern challenges. GBSB Global is at the forefront of business offerings and anticipates trends. From the school’s continued enquiry, programs are designed and continuously enhanced through regular updates to anticipate the skills needed to be competitive today and well into the future given the everchanging global business environment.

Image about Inclusiveness QS Ranking

Inclusiveness | Schools that intend to become world-class institutions must pursue a mission, have influence that extends beyond the basics, and strive to be inclusive of all students regardless of disabilities, income, background and other factors. QS Ranking System looks at an organization’s provisions and access to funding for all individuals in search of higher education. GBSB Global prides itself in diversity and offering a welcoming, inclusive environment for all to prosper in their chosen field and beyond.

Overall, GBSB Global is delighted to have received such high marks in the abovementioned categories, and these accolades as well as the overall 5-star rating, offer well-grounded proof of the incredible work being done to offer outstanding programming across all campuses and support beyond the classroom.

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