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Having obtained a rather stuffy image in the new era of entrepreneurship, a corporate job can often seem fairly limiting with its fixed conditions and benefits, lacking freedom, creativity or adventure. On the other hand, thinking outside the box while creating new ventures, being your own boss and making a profit sounds much more romantic; but is it really? Find the right fit for you. Join our upcoming webinar revamped into a discussion panel featuring two established international professionals with a successful track record within both corporate and entrepreneurship worlds, ready to share and compare their accumulated insights, experiences, preferences and more. What mindset will you prefer?


Entrepreneurial vs. Corporate Mindset:
The Big Battle

Entrepreneurship vs. Corporate World - what's the right fit for you? Today’s work culture favors an environment where there is a clear mission, transparency, and application of the latest technology. Motivated by mentors, modern workers expect to receive constant feedback, thrive on flexible schedules, strive for quick monetary rewards and recognition, while seeking a work-life balance. Young, eager and diversely skilled graduates are heading for the top positions in the corporate environment or consider entrepreneurship.

Uncover the main differences between the corporate and entrepreneurial lifestyles. Join our candid discussion comparing different aspects of both worlds from finance and social impact to people and lifestyle, where the two speakers will touch upon their extensive professional experiences and challenges encountered throughout their professional journeys. At last, they will also share their lessons learnt and tips & tricks for those who are on the crossroad of choosing. In the end there will be plenty of room for questions and words of advice.

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Presenting our first panelist, Wing Yan Man, a successful Business Analyst, Coach and AI Program Developer, turned founder and CEO of 3310 - School for Millennials. Throughout a diverse career in engineering, corporate consultancy and research across different markets spanning Japan, Norway and the Netherlands, Wing Yan has experienced a burnout. Wondering why she has gotten into this situation, like many fellow millennials, she decided to investigate the causes.

Growing up in different circumstances than their parents, new generations need different life skills to survive the modern world. Not having footsteps of their predecessors to follow, Wing Yan Man originated her own school where millennials and Gen Z learn with and from each other to set a new paradigm of living. As an expert in strategy, outreach and partnership development, Wing Yan strives to bring practical skills to a wide, inclusive audience with wit and entertainment, wishing for millennials and Gen Z to have the true impact the world needs.

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Our second invited guest, Dr John Maxwell Cohn, is a renowned American engineer with an impactful career, best known as the engineer scientist from the Discovery Channel TV show, The Colony. An IBM Fellow at the MIT-IBM Watson AI Laboratory since 2012; previously Chief Scientist of the Internet of Things division. John holds an undergraduate electrical engineering degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as well as a doctoral degree from Carnegie Mellon University, having authored over 40 papers and has more than 120 worldwide patents.

Cohn has presented for over 50,000 students world wide, including performances at Walt Disney World, and the New York Hall of Science. In 2013 Cohn was invited as a presenter for TEDxDelft conference themed "Do try this at home", where Cohn delivered his own talk titled "The importance of play". Describes himself as a "passionate nerd", eager to share his love of science and technology "with anyone who will listen".

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