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About Webinar:
Currencies and Cryptocurrencies

by Dr. Paul Moran Sheehan, Ireland

Learn more about International Monetary Systems and the role of money, as well as Cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin) and the rise of the central bank digital currencies.

In an age of digital technologies and FinTech industry advancements, Dr. Sheehan will explore the role of money and gold, looking into what the future of finance may become if traditional forms of currencies are forfeited, taking a backseat to digital assets. Discover how this transformation is already underway and what it means for business, politics and our every day lives.


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About Dr. Paul Moran Sheehan:

A Trinity College graduate, Dublin, Ireland, with a doctorate from the Roal University Institute for European Studies (Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence) in Spain.
Dr. Sheehan is a Professor of Economics and Business Studies at GBSB Global and Director of Macroeconomics at the consultancy, the Bespoke School of Finance. He is also a professor of executive programming at the Deusto Business School.
Previously Managing Director of Syracuse University, Spain, Dr. Sheehan has also worked at the investment bank Solomon Brothers in London, Europartner in Paris, and the European Commission in Brussels.
His work and research focus on international political economies, globalization, and the world of finance.


September 1st, 2021
16:00 (CET)


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