GBSB Global’s Graduating Class 2018: Employment Report Pt.1

General Overview

GBSB Global’s graduates have secured jobs at organizations in four continents around the world, joining some of the major corporations in a great variety of sectors and industries, including Marketing and Advertising, Hospitality, IT/Telecom, Fashion & Luxury among others.

Apple,, KPMG, Nike, Deloitte and many others are the global recruiters that come to GBSB Global Business School to recruit the best talents.

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*10% Employed Before Graduation **20% Promoted to Higher Positions

Over 90% of the 2017-2018 graduating class accepted job offers within a year of graduation (21% even before graduation). Armed with a global, open, and innovative mindset and after having completed their studies in a highly international environment (the rate of international students at GBSB Global is more than 90%) most of the graduates secured positions overseas and approximately 70% of them have maintained their employment over a year.

Additionally, 79% of graduates admitted that their internships in large and mid-sized corporations during their studies at GBSB Global definitely improved their management skills much or to a great extent. This could explain the fact why 60% of the GBSB Global graduates increased their professional responsibilities – and 20% were promoted to a higher position within a year after graduation. 67% of graduates improved their professional situation during and after the studies at GBSB Global.

Importantly, 51% of the GBSB Global graduating class 2018 recognized that their GBSB Global diploma had a “decisive” and “significant” impact on their future professional careers. 88% of the graduates admit being very satisfied with their career progression after graduating from GBSB Global Business School.

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A Great Variety of Industries and Sectors

GBSB Global graduates continue to make a significant career transformation across a great variety of industries and sectors. In fact, only 4% of graduates returned to their previous employer. This point alone emphasizes the capacity of GBSB Global to impact career progression by serving as a catalyst for a career change for our graduates.

This diversity is reflected in the placement data with most of the students securing roles in a range of industries, such as Tourism and Hospitality, Marketing and Communications, Fashion and Luxury, IT, and Financial and Professionals Services.

As the GBSB Global’s employment analysis shows, it is worth to mention the enormous number of job opportunities in fashion and luxury industry that assembles various interconnected business segments, positions, and roles, whether in fashion, cosmetics, jewelry, and other luxury segments. In this sense, the employability choices of the GBSB Global’s Master of Arts in Fashion and Luxury Business Management graduates are countless both in Spain and abroad – not to mention those of the alumni who graduated with the Master’s in Tourism & Hospitality Management degree and with a Master’s in Marketing, Digital Marketing or Communication degrees, all of which are highly sought after in the fashion and luxury industry.

In addition, the employment report highlights the increase of internships taken by GBSB Global students in various sectors and industries, a trend that manifests the outstanding performance and credibility of our talented students among recruiters and managers, most of whom eventually hire our interns once they graduate from GBSB Global.

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Beyond sectors and industries, up to 30% of GBSB Global graduates joined Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 corporations worldwide. Specifically, 44% of graduates joined +500-employee firms and 70% entered corporations with international clients. Apart from that, 26% launched their own businesses or start-ups. International mobility continued to be a strong trend in our post-graduation placements, with 60% of the class securing employment outside of their home countries.

Functions, Roles, and Salaries

With respect to functions within organizations, GBSB Global graduates primarily joined General Management, Marketing and Sales, and ICT positions after graduation. Particularly, 22% joined General Management positions and roles, and 29% reached upper-level management positions or functions (25% occupied senior level positions while 4% secured executive level roles).

Regarding the salaries, 56% of graduates increased their salary within a year after graduation. Around 10% increased their salary between 20% and 40%, and 5% increased their salary by over 40%. Indeed, some 8% of graduates reached salaries between 70,000 and 100,000 euros (gross salary) within a year after graduation. Additionally, 11% obtained bonuses between 10,000 and 20,000 euros. This point is particularly significant in today’s uncertain, volatile context.

Graduates indicate that their professional skills and competencies have also been enhanced: 63% of graduates say that the educational and learning experience at GBSB Global fostered their leadership and executive skills, mainly, when it comes to their autonomy and decision-making capacity. To a great extent, they see themselves as global change agents in this globalized and hyperconnected business environment.

The overall employability analysis shows that GBSB Global graduates take advantage of GBSB Global’s disruptive, global educational approach in order for them to succeed on a global scale.

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GBSB Global Employment Report 2019 shows the actual employability trends of our graduates across geographies, industries, and sectors worldwide, talks about entrepreneurship and innovation opportunities in Spain, gives insights to Career Services at GBSB Global, and provides honest Alumni Feedback Stories.

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