Curriculum for MBA

Required Core Courses (39 ECTS credits)

Global Business Personal Development Business Knowledge
Global Strategy and Management  Leadership and Organizational Behavior  Marketing Management
Ethics and Responsibility  Communication in Action Financial Accounting 
Understanding the International Macroeconomy  International Negotiations                     Statistical Analysis for Management 
The Governmental and Legal Environment of Business   Operations Management 
    Managerial Accounting
    Corporate Finance

Electives (15 ECTS credits)

Five Courses with Optional Specialization* in:
MBA Marketing Management
MBA International Business Management
MBA Finance
MBA Operations Management
MBA Entrepreneurship

*Students must decide the area of their specialization when applying. Alternatively students may choose not to specialize in any particular area and pursue a general management MBA program.

Required Language Courses (6 ECTS credits)

Foreign Language Studies (Spanish, Russian, Chinese, on demand)*

*Subject to availability 

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